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Best Italian Poker Sites in 2021

Our offer includes a wide range of Italian Poker Sites. In case you want to find out more about account rental or rakeback deal, you should try contacting us. Italian poker sites' main advantage would be the fact that they gather in one place Italian residents and with us, you have this rare possibility to compete against them. Should you be willing to figure out the best Italian poker room in 2021 for your particular set of preferences, we are happy to advise you on this one.

  • Rakeback up to 40%
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ big traffic
+ Italian market
+ large rakeback
- big rake
- restrictions for HU players

  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus 1500€

+ intuitive software
+ Italian amateurs
+ well-known brand
- no HU
- almost dead Snap (zoom)

  • Rakeback 20%
  • Deposit bonus 500€

+ Italian market
+ intuitive software
+ good place for bumhunters
- required converter to support HUD
- not too much traffic

Dollaro (DBG Poker)
  • Rakeback Individually granted
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ converter available
+ the easiest HS games
+ italian market
- games only in browser

  • Rakeback up to 20%
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ playing on the Italian market
+ high traffic
+ Twister games available at high stakes
- fullring only on microstakes
- no waitlist

  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ good for HU players
+ Italian players
+ anonymous tables
- high rake
- no big MTT

  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ great software
+ very good traffic
+ good MTT tournaments
- HU only on zoom
- cashback as random packages

  • Rakeback Contact us
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ good place for bumhunters
+ low level of games
+ games against Italian players
- games only via web-browser
- low traffic