6UP takes legal action against PokerStars, its only partner in Asia

After PokerStars' abrupt retreat from the Asian market by decision of its parent company Flutter Entertainment, they now face legal action taken against them by their only partner in Asia, 6UP, a third party operator that used its own client to give players access to PokerStars.

6UP takes legal action against PokerStars, its only partner in Asia image

6UP takes legal action against PokerStars, its only partner in Asia

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A few weeks ago, we covered Poker Stars' abrupt retreat from China, Taiwan, and Macau, a decision made by its parent company, Flutter Entertainment. However, 6UP, a third party that was their partner in the region and that gave players access to Poker Stars via their client, was not very satisfied with, according to them, the unilateral termination of their agreement. According to the rules and regulations of the industry, one party had to previously notify the other before ceasing the agreement and it can only be done after both partners signed it. Allegedly, the negotiations came to a stalemate, and then Flutter unilaterally terminated the agreement. Now, 6UP has decided to take legal action against its old partner in the Asian market.

Reportedly by local players, 6UP is still operating normally but Poker Stars made customers unable to access their platform and transfer remaining credits. 6UP, therefore, authorizes legal action against Flutter Entertainment arguing that it preserves not only their interest in punishing the unilateral cancellation of their agreement but also the interest of players, the customers. We will stay watchful and bring you any news regarding this commercial dispute.

PokerStars under attack on the Two Plus Two poker forums

This had already been called by users in the Two Plus Two online poker forums, which declared that this was going to happen, according to reliable sources from veteran players. Currently, there is a general commotion from the players against Poker Stars in a forum thread that invites customers to share their stories of bad customer service from PokerStars, which was once celebrated, now becoming a sort of cruel joke by the community. "15-year PokerStars customer fed up with their bullshit. Share your terrible experiences" declares the thread. It already has a few pages with stories such as a player missing the entire WCOOP after having his account blocked for a "routine security check" that was supposed to take minutes, according to Max Silver, a recently retired pro player.

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