When a committed poker player set his heads on an objective and find like-minded people to support his vision, the result is amazing. That’s how Donkhunter started. At first, our founding father, Lukas, was an accomplished poker player with deep knowledge of lesser-known poker rooms. Once he made his fortune, he set his mind on a new objective: To help players across the globe to find success in their careers, providing support for them to find the perfect rooms to play in, the best deals and also offering to coach and staking at times. That’s how Donkhunter was born, 5 years ago.

Since then, the business expanded to other continents, embracing new partners and friends along the way, always aiming to facilitate the life of poker players around the globe.

The Founding Father

Very few people had a richer career than Lukas. Our founding father started his career by winning a freeroll tournament and after a relatively short period of time, he was enjoying a successful career as a high stakes poker player, primarily on 400-2k HU tables.

After making a small fortune, Lukas decided to embrace other opportunities inside poker, starting his career as an entrepreneur/investor. His first step was to join the field of real estate developers and crypto-currencies, but soon after, he moved into something far more ambitious.

Lukas realized he could use the knowledge he had in the world of poker to help others achieve the success he was relishing himself. He went all in on this idea, putting together a team and reinvesting some of the money he had made at poker tables, beginning then: DonkHunter.

Aside being an accomplished poker player, Lukas is an animal lover and a boxing enthusiast, owning 3 dogs and watching every knock-out on the heavy-weight boxing scene.

The rest of the team

In order to make DonkHunter accessible to players all over the world, Lukas searched for like-minded partners to make his vision true. What started as a one-man’s dream soon turned into 3, 4 and now 7 people working together towards a common goal: facilitate the life of poker players. Each of us is now responsible to work with specific regions, providing support in local most used languages and finding niches in our own part of the Earth. From China to Brazil, USA to Australia, our team is ready to help players realize their dreams, providing support in 6 different languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Mandarin! We are the DonkHunters!

The full list of our team members, together with their responsibilities and stories can be found on a map below (click-click).

Contact map


 contact person image
He is here to help you out with everything related to Asian poker market.


 contact person image
Diogo is one of those guys who believes in a better world. He graduated in law school and started working in audit and consulting companies. Some years after, tired of his work, he changed his career drastically and went to the gaming industry. Currently, apart from Donk Hunter, he also works as a volunteer for NGOs in his region.


 contact person image
He already has been to all Europe and North AMerica. You can find him on live poker tournaments all over Europe.
United Kingdom


 contact person image
The founding father, for quite some time been enjoying paradise beaches of Cyprus. In terms of poker, heads-up cash champ and a pioneer of underground poker rooms.


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Peter is a political enthusiast who plays soccer every Monday and simply can't imagine a life without travelling. He loves meeting new cultures, people and places. He has been all over the world and yet there is still so much more to see!
Central Europe

Why choose us

Here at DonkHunter we aim to provide you with the best possible services and deals, assisting you on every step. Our services include finding the perfect room for you, whether you want the softest games, the best softwares, the best rakeback deals, we got you covered. Our purpose is to assist you hunting donks and achieve ever higher EV, because everyone loves a good donk. ;)

On top of that, we have launched a loyalty program that will run across different platforms. You can transition between rooms and retain our program rewards. All of this is integrated into our services and is completely free of charge for you, all you have to do is ask for our assistance and play. We even have a few players in our own stable, in case you’re a proven winner. We have even more opportunities coming on December 2019, stay tuned.

What are DonkCoins and how to make best of it

Our loyalty program generates donk coins which can be used to: purchase and take advantage of exclusive offers in our shop, take part of our lottery, make donations to charity and, of course, it can be exchanged for cash as well.

Terms & Conditions
100 DC = 1 USD

What to make of them?



We often offer discount for users selecting donkcoins as payment method.



We've developed a Donklottery in our site onto which you can not lose, try it out!



Rest assured that your donkcoins can always be exchanged for real money.
1 DonkCoin = $0.01



We selected an animal shelter and we encourage you the option to donate your donkcoins to the Donkey Sanctuary!


Stronger together

Help the community by providing helpful comments based on your experience on our poker rooms and earn additional DonkCoins!


More is coming!

We are always looking to add new ways for you to use your donkcoins!

Our vision

To be a company of great value, admired for the quality of its services, recognized by its brand and gambling opportunities.

Our mission

To provide solutions to poker players around the globe with transparency, knowledge and efficiency. Ensuring results and adding value to its customers.

+$4.3m paid out to players Up to date

5 years on the market

2200+ satisfied customers

80+ rooms available