Asia NLHE Omaha 6+ (Short Deck) Zoom Spins
High stakes action Good for beginners High Traffic High Rakeback High Deposit Bonus
up to 60%
Deposit bonus
  • high cashback

  • big deposit bonus

  • Asian players at all rates

  • no SNG

  • PVI system

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BetKings is a real money online poker room that is part of the GG Network, together with GGPoker, currently the biggest online poker room in the world, and other skins of the same network that share a player pool.

The number of promotions in BetKings is outstanding: up to 60% Rakeback fixed via the Fish Buffet Rakeback program (or even 100% via random reward), up to 200% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit, freeroll tournaments, and many others (the same promotions as GGPoker).

The traffic is superb, the number one in the world: up to 150,000 online players. The cash games offered by BetKings include Holdem, Omaha, Short Deck, All-in or Fold, 9-max, Sit & Go and Spins across all stakes, from micro to high. Although you can find many grinders at higher stakes, as expected for such a big poker room, you can also find a good number of casual players and mostly Asian players because of all the promotions and publicity that BetKings has.

The software is one of the best in the market, although it can be a bit demanding on your PC and requires updates constantly. HUDs and third-party software are not allowed, in an attempt to protect recreational players. However, there are ways around that.

BetKings Poker Review 

BetKings is one of the many skins of the Asian giant which is GG Network. Other available skins in the same poker network are Bestpoker GGpokerSnail Poker, and PokerOK. This is currently one of the largest poker networks in the world. The main characteristics of the poker rooms that are part of the GG Network are: high Rakeback, high welcome bonus, many Asians, and recreational players on the tables guarantee a profitable game. BetKings Poker entered the market in 2015 as part of an Italian network. It was soon closed and reopened in 2017 as part of the GG Network, being one of its youngest members. BetKings Poker was initially aimed at European players, but a lot of American and Asian players can also be found here. The number of exclusive advantages made BetKings Poker grow quickly and attract many customers worldwide. Due to this and the transition to GG Network, this poker room now enjoys immense popularity and player base. Since it shares traffic with other rooms in the same poker network, at BetKings Poker you'll be playing mostly against European and Asian players. The strategy adopted by the GG Network works wonders to attract recreational players so you can expect traffic 24/7 and weak competition.

BetKings offers a lot of variety in cash games available: NLH, Omaha, Short Deck, Rush & Cash, All in or Fold, among others. The Fish Buffet Rakeback promotion is one of the best in the market. Besides those, the site also comes up with numerous other promotions every month. BetKings headquarters are located in Curacao. There it holds a gambling license, issued by The Government of Curacao. This is the best gambling license available for online poker games. Our review BetKings Poker is meant to give you all the necessary information about their games, welcome bonus, rake structure, poker software, Rakeback promotions, and other important aspects.

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Deposit bonus and Rakeback BetKings

New players can choose between a 200% first deposit bonus, up to $1,000 bonus, or $100 in rewards. In most cases, you should probably take the first option (called "matched bonus"), since the total reward is 10 times greater than the second option. After you register a new account, download the app and make a valid deposit (at least $10 for the 200% bonus or at least $20 for the $100 rewards bonus), then select your preferred deal in the deposit page from the ‘Choose your bonus’ dropdown. The details of both rewards are explained below:

BetKings 200% First Deposit Bonus

This is a 200% bonus that can go up to $1,000. You release it by playing poker games (except Rush & Cash) at BetKings and generating rake: for every $20 paid in rake and/or tournament fees by the player, a $5 chunk of the bonus will be released - basically a 25% Rakeback offer. The conditions are as follows: players have 90 days to collect their full bonus. The deposit must be at least $10. Finally, as already mentioned, Rush & Cash does not count for unlocking this bonus.

BetKings $100 Deposit Bonus

In this option, you instantly get $65 worth of free tickets credited to your account by BetKings, with no requirements other than a minimum deposit of $20. All free tickets in this deal expire after 30 days so be sure to spend them before that. The other $35 reward must be unlocked, but it is quite easy to do so. It consists of a $20 bonus and a $15 GG Masters ticket. This totals to the $100 rewards. To collect it, you must meet daily targets during the 6 days after you register, make your first deposit, and select the instant bonus option. Each day you will collect part of the reward and the $15 GG Masters ticket at the end of it.

  • cashback up to 100%
  • First Deposit Bonus 200% to 600$
  • MTT Blade series
  • weekly freerolls
  • monthly leaderboards - Bad Beat of a Day
  • GG Series

BetKings Poker Fish Buffet 2021 - flat cashback up to 60%

As of February 26th, 2021, GG Network has rebooted its Fish Buffet cashback program. It is one of the most special features for those who play on BetKingsPoker. If you are a high roller you can get up to 60% flat cashback! Depending on your rank level you can also get to Spin for a random reward. They work the same as GGPoker (the other major poker room in the GG Network). First, let's see how you collect Fish Points, which are necessary for players to climb the ranks and get the best rewards, but basically, you must pay rake in any cash games at BetKings Poker.

Collecting Fish Points

According to GG Network itself: "On average, players will be rewarded 100 Fish Buffet points for every $1 paid in rake and fees. This value may vary based on a variety of factors, such as but not limited to, game type or tournament played, player behavior at tables, and deposit history". The cashback you get at BetKings Poker is determined by your current rank level as shown in the table below.

Non-Platinum Ranks

To climb to the ranks at BetKings Poker, you must collect a certain number of Fish Points in their online poker cash games within a time limit: 7, 15, or 30 days. The exception is Platinum rank, where the limit is of 365 days (explained in more detail below). After collecting the required points, you get to Spin for a random reward. The table shows the possible prizes on the Spin (minimum and maximum) and the average cashback you get at BetKings Poker for your current rank level.

Platinum Ranks

Some of the ranks are called Platinum Ranks and the top cashback level at BetKings Poker is called simply "The Platinum" that allows players to get 60% weekly cashback. This is the ideal option if you are an online poker high roller. To achieve any of the Platinum Ranks, you must collect the required Points, and then you can opt-in to a Platinum level on the poker site. Your Rank level will then be maintained for a year. You must then get the required FP to renew the rank level. If you fail to do so within 365 days, you will be dropped to one Platinum Rank level lower. When you have a Platinum Rank level at BetKings Poker, cash will be paid at a fixed rate to your account every Monday at the poker site. This means you don't have to worry about the Spin and random cash prizes anymore (also a time limit of 365 days is better than the 30 days limit at the other Rank level).

Did someone offer you a better offer? Do you play a lot? Let's talk, we will try to meet your expectations.

Traffic BetKings

Our review of the traffic in this poker room is very positive. Playing games and tournaments is the best way to increase your Rakeback bonuses and perhaps even win some prizes at the daily rake races. In this regard, BetKings has a lot to offer. The number of online players is fantastic. There are thousands online on a regular basis since BetKings shares the player pool and traffic with GGPoker. It is easily one of the most crowded online poker rooms and recently its popularity has only been growing.

Traffic at BetKings Poker is high around the clock in No-Limit Holdem, Omaha, Short Deck, All-in or Fold. BetKings peak time corresponds to the Asian evenings. At those times, many thousands of players can be found here. However, BetKings Poker receives a huge amount of traffic throughout the day, which also includes many players from Europe and America, therefore having a lot of action all day long, soft competition, and a wide selection of games

BetKings Poker Tournaments: MTTs, SnG, and Spins

There are many tournaments to be found daily at BetKings Poker. Some names include GG Masters, Bounty Hunters, Omaholic, and others. They are accessible to all bankroll sizes: from freerolls (such as the GG Masters ticket that is given as part of the deposit bonus) to $1 - $ 5 000 buy-ins, with guaranteed prizes from a few thousand to others that can go up to a few million dollars. Spin & Gold is the household variant of Spins, with stakes from $0.20 to $200 buy-in and $5K to $1M prizes.

  • Online players: up to 150000 players
  • Game types and stakes:


    NLH BetKings (6-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH


    NLH BetKings (heads-up):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH


    PLO BetKings (6-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH


    PLO BetKings (6-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

  • All-In or Fold, 9-max, unlimited tables
  • Rush and cash: from NL10 to NL100
  • MTT for: low/mid/high


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Software, support, and payment methods BetKings

BetKings software is built by NSUS Ltd., just like other poker rooms in the GG Network. BetKings Poker owns a gambling license issued by the Government of Curacao that attests that the games offered by BetKings Poker are fair. The software demands a bit from your PC, but it is one of the best available in the online poker market. Visually appealing and with many customization options, it runs smoothly and makes it easy and intuitive to find tables, tournaments, and anything else you might look for. When you first run the BetKings Poker client, you will see a top menu with several tabs and the main lobby, including information about the ongoing promotions (such as the daily rake races). Regular tables in the poker room are displayed in the main lobby and VIP tables are in an exclusive section. The display of the tables shows the current number of players sitting and to join a game you must simply double click it. One important detail about BetKings Poker is that third-party software such as trackers and hand converters are not allowed. This is an attempt to protect recreational players and keep them coming back to the tables. However, there are a few available tools that can help mitigate this situation.

BetKings Poker Deposit and Withdrawal options

BetKings Poker offers numerous deposit and withdrawal options, including bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, and EcoPayz. BetKings Poker processing times are really short. Cashouts are processed duly and quickly. The cashier can be found in the poker room client and no commission is charged for the payments, which are usually processed within 24 hours. Overall, our BetKings Poker review of the deposit and withdrawal options is positive.

BetKings Poker Rake Structure

GG Network and BetKings Poker have a unique rake structure. To take the most advantage of their VIP Rakeback program, it is important to really understand how rake works in the network. NL Holdem: BetKings Poker charges 5% of each pot. There’s a cap that increases on the higher levels up to $20; Omaha: There are pros and cons to the rake structure of Omaha games. Pros: it's only 3%. Cons: no cap. Tournaments: tournament fees are mostly around 10% at BetKings Poker.

Software language: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, and several Asian

Rake: up to 5%, CAP to 20$, Omaha 3%

Currency: USD

HUD: no


Payment methods (depending on the country may vary): Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Webmoney, Ecopayz, Paysafe

Withdrawal speed

Registration and installation BetKings

If your place of residence is an obstacle to registration at BetKings - talk to us - we know how to deal with it.

BetKings Poker FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about BetKings Poker and their answers.

Is BetKings Poker the same as GGPoker?

Both are skins of the GG Network and have the same players and promotions.


Pros (5)

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high cashback

2019-12-06 12:46:10


big deposit bonus

2019-12-06 12:46:10


Asian players at all rates

2019-12-06 12:46:10


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2023-08-12 11:26:23


At the moment number 1 when it comes to online poker. PokerStars should think about new promotions cause all GG skins offer loads of promotions and amazingly high traffic across all stakes 24/7

2021-10-19 23:13:11

Cons (5)

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no SNG

2019-12-06 12:46:10


PVI system

2019-12-06 12:46:10


“Finally found real hack for Pokerrrr2 App, can see opponents cards and Flop, Turn & River cards. Visit at

2023-08-12 11:26:27


their pvi sucks lol, I rake about 10k$ but do not see progress in fishbuffet

2022-05-26 20:44:46


Many occasional promotions and pretty good traffic are the biggest advantages of Betkings What annoys me is their software that always needs to be updated, however, it's a very personal opinion.

2021-07-26 22:56:28

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