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High stakes action High Traffic Heads-up HUD
up to 40%
Deposit bonus
  • a lot of promotions

  • very large traffic

  • Spin & Go for high buy-ins

  • does not support Holdem Manager

  • high rake

  • closed market (France only)

*We currently do not offer any bonuses for playing at this poker room.

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Winamax Online Poker Room Review 

 Winamax Poker is the largest French online poker room, even bigger than The very large amount of traffic provides a lot of action for games at every stake. Another attraction of Winamax Poker is the absurdly weak pool of French players. Winamax also offers access to great bookmakers that are part of the same company.

Another option if you enjoy soft games on closed market poker sites is

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Deposit bonus and Rakeback Winamax

Winamax Poker First Deposit Bonus

New players at the site can get a matched deposit of up to 500 € on their first deposit. For example, if the new player deposits 500 €, Winamax Poker will match it with a 500 € bonus. To collect your bonus, the player must earn Miles by paying rake in poker games on the website (initially 3-4 Miles per Euro paid in rake; see a more detailed explanation of Miles below). For every 600 Miles, the player collects a 20 € chunk of the bonus. The new player has 90 days to collect the total First Deposit Bonus. In other words, for each 150 € paid in rake you collect a 20 € portion of the First Deposit Bonus, up to 500 €. Doing the math, it's equivalent to a 13% Rakeback offer, which is not much compared to what's offered by most other online poker rooms.

Winamax Poker Miles

Winamax Poker uses Miles, the Loyalty Program of the site, for rewards such as the Deposit Bonus to new players, Rakeback offer, and other rewards. You earn Miles for playing games and paying rake Winamax poker tables. For Poker tournaments (including Sit & Go and Multi-Table Tournaments) the player receives 4 Miles per Euro paid in rake, credited at the beginning of the tournament. For Cash Games, players earn 3 Miles per Euro paid in rake, credited when the player leaves at the table.

Also, depending on your current Loyalty Level at Winamax Poker, the Miles you earn can be multiplied by a certain amount:

  • Chrome and Aluminium (x1)
  • Bronze (x1.25)
  • Silver (x1.5)
  • Gold (x2)
  • Platinum (x2.5)
  • Diamond I (x3)
  • Diamond II (x3.5)
  • Diamond III (x4)
  • Diamond IV (x4.5)
  • Diamond V (x5)
  • Red Diamond (x6).

Winamax Poker Loyalty Levels and Rakeback

The Rakeback offer at Winamax Poker is a little convoluted to calculate, but in practice, it's between 10% (starting at Bronze Level) to 40%. The site has a VIP system with 12 levels, 6 monthly and 6 annual. The higher your level, the better Rakeback and rewards you receive (Monthly Freerolls). Your level is calculated based on the number of Miles you earned (not that you currently have) in the past month or twelve months (for annual levels). Also, you lose all your Miles if for 6 months you don't earn a single Mile, so be sure to log in and play to maintain your level.

Winamax Poker Monthly Levels and Rewards

  • Chrome (20 to 69 Miles): You may participate in 1 monthly 1 000 € GTD Freeroll (every 2nd Tuesday and Thursday of each month at 20:00 CET)
  • Aluminium (70 to 249 Miles): You may participate in 1 monthly 2 000 € GTD Freeroll (every 2nd Monday and Wednesday of each month at 20:00 CET)
  • Bronze (250 to 999 Miles): 5 € bonus for 750 miles earned during the month. You may participate in 1 monthly 3 000 € GTD Freeroll (every 2nd Monday and Wednesday of each month at 20:45 CET).
  • Silver (1 000 to 2 999 Miles): 5 € bonus for 1 500 miles earned during the month and 10 € for an additional 800 miles. 10 000 € GTD freeroll (every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 20:45 CET).
  • Gold (3 000 to 5 999  Miles): 10 € bonus for 4 000 miles earned during the month and 15 € for an additional 1000 miles. 13 000 € GTD freeroll (every 2nd Sunday of each month at 21:00 CET).
  • Platinum (6 000 Miles or more): 15 € bonus for 7 000 miles earned during the month and 20 € for an additional 1500 miles. The freeroll is the same as Gold.

Winamax Poker Annual Levels and Rewards

  • Diamond I (50 000 to 99 999 Miles): 20 € bonus for 7 500 miles earned during each month and 20 € for an additional 2500 miles earned during the month.
  • Diamond II (100 000 to 249 999): 40 € bonus for 13 000 miles earned during each month and 40 € for an additional 7 000 miles earned during the month.
  • Diamond III (250 000 to 499 999): 75 € bonus for 27 000 miles earned during each month and 75 € for an additional 13 000 miles earned during the month.
  • Diamond IV (500 000 to 999 999): 150 € bonus for 50 000 miles earned during each month and 150 € for an additional 30 000 miles earned during the month.
  • Diamond V (1 000 000 to 2 499 999): 250 € bonus for 95 000 miles earned during each month and 250 € for an additional 55 000 miles earned during the month.
  • Red Diamond (2 500 000 or more): Bonus 1: 500 € for 250 000 Miles accumulated throughout the month - Bonus 2: 500 € for 250 000 additional Mile- Bonus 3: 500 € for 250 000 additional Miles - Bonus 4: 500 € for 250 000 additional Miles - Bonus 5: 1 000 € for 500 000 additional Miles.


Diamond Freeroll: €15 000 GTD every second Sunday of each month at 21:00 CET.

Super Diamond Freeroll: €20 000 GTD every second Sunday of each month at 21:00 CET.

Red Diamond players are also offered a seat at all Winamax Poker live events.

Winamax Poker Welcome Freeroll

One more bonus offer for new players is the 1 000 € Welcome Freeroll. You can participate when it's your first deposit and on your account's anniversary. But don't worry, there are many other freeroll tournaments at Winamax Poker every day, as you'll see below.

Winamax Poker Daily Freerolls

Winamax Poker runs daily freeroll tournaments, which helps maintain a good activity on the site with a lot of gaming going on every day. New players can also participate in a 1 000 € Welcome Freeroll, plus a Birthday Freeroll when it's your account's birthday. There are at least 10 Daily Freeroll Tournaments at Winamax Poker, with guarantees from 50 € (in the morning period) to 250 € (in the evening). Registration opens 30 minutes before the tournament begins, to avoid ghost players (players that register for the tournament but don't show up). It's a great opportunity to build your bankroll or test the site without having to invest much.

  • First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 500€
  • Cashback up to 40%
  • Guns & Glory
  • Winamax Challenges
  • VIP freerolls
  • Happy Hours

Traffic Winamax

French players are not legally allowed to play online poker on any site that doesn't own a French license, but Winamax Poker is allowed to accept players from the EU in general, which helps to bring in a lot of traffic and activity to this that is the number one online poker room in France, even larger than This website is on par with other European online poker rooms such as 888 Poker and Party Poker in terms of traffic and activity. Games at Winamax Poker are often very soft, with the presence of new and inexperienced players on tables of all limits.

The traffic data we collected in 2021 shows that on this site there's traffic across all stakes and that gaming here takes little to no waiting time, with a few exceptions: fixed-limit poker games are pretty much unavailable, they'll be listed in the lobby but often with no activity. Despite the many types of games offered, in practice, you'll find players online at No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha most of the time. No Limit Hold'Em games are the most active. Omaha games have less but still many online players as well, with a small number of Short Deck and HU players. You'll find here PLO, PLO 5, and PLO Hi/Lo tables. Sit & Go games are available across limits from 1 € to 250 € including HU, full ring, turbo, double or nothing, etc, all of them with enough traffic that you will rarely need to wait - most often, you can start gaming right away.

In total, we found a few thousand online players, up to 20 K during peak hours (evening period in CET).

  • Players online: up to 20,000
  • Game types and stakes:

    NLH Winamax (3,5-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    NLH Winamax (heads-up):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    PLO Winamax (3,5-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    PLO Winamax (heads-up):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

  • full ring tables, anonymous
  • other cash games: Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 CD PLO
  • GoFast (zoom): from NL2 to NL400
  • MTT for: low/mid/high
  • SnG from 0.50€ to 100€, HU SnG from 0.50€ to 500€
  • Expresso (spin & go): from 1€ to 250€


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Software, support, and payment methods Winamax

The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers (Instant Play on their website - start gaming without having to download and install anything). It's easy to navigate and intuitive to use, you can search for Cash Games, Tournaments, SnGs, etc, and filter your search by format, stakes, number of online players at the table, etc. The software deserves praise and is considered by many one of the best online poker software available in 2021. The payment methods that Winamax Poker uses include Skrill, Credit Cards, and Bank Transfers. Your first withdrawal may take a little longer than usual, as Winamax Poker is legally required to confirm your identity once again (after you already confirmed it when creating an account).

Software language: French

Rake: up to 6.5%, CAP up to 4€

Currency: EUR

HUD: only Poker Tracker


Payment methods (depending on the country may vary): Skrill, Bank Transfer

Withdrawal speed

Registration and installation Winamax

If your place of residence is an obstacle when registering to Winamax - contact us - we most often know how to solve this.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Winamax Poker and their answers.

Is Winamax Poker legit?

Yes, Winamax Poker is the biggest online poker room in France and one of the biggest in Europe, with many old and new players praising the fairness of its games and software. The registration and withdrawal process is a little more rigorous than usual, but this helps maintain the room free of frauds and cheaters.

Does Winamax Poker only accept French players?

No. Winamax Poker accepts players from any part of the EU, but players in France can only legally play online poker in rooms that own a French license.

What is the Rakeback Offer at Winamax Poker?

The Loyalty Program at Winamax uses goes from 10 to up to 40% Rakeback.



Pros (4)

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a lot of promotions

2019-12-06 12:46:06


very large traffic

2019-12-06 12:46:06


Spin & Go for high buy-ins

2019-12-06 12:46:06


weak competition

2022-07-05 01:51:29

Cons (3)

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does not support Holdem Manager

2019-12-06 12:46:06


high rake

2019-12-06 12:46:06


closed market (France only)

2022-07-05 01:51:12

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