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Asia Open Face Chinese Stud NLHE Omaha 6+ (Short Deck) Draw Games
High Rakeback Bitcoin accepted Heads-up Niche poker games
Deposit bonus
  • no rake on microstakes

  • no verification

  • Pineapple games

  • small traffic

  • payments only BTC

  • There are about 7 actual players there.

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SwC Poker Review (Bitcoin Poker Site)

SwC Poker is the successor to Seals With Clubs, the first Bitcoin poker site, which was closed in 2015 due to government pressure. SwC Poker has recently returned with completely new software and name, so we can expect more and more activity and the emergence of weak players from the Bitcoin poker world.

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Deposit bonus and Rakeback SwC Poker

SwC Poker Deposit Bonus

At the moment, SwC Poker does not offer a deposit bonus, which is definitely a downside for an online poker site. First Deposit Bonus is a type of offer that is very effective to bring in much-needed new customers to start playing in the poker room. To make up for this, SwC Poker has an up to 50% Rakeback offer (see below). The strategy seems to be maintaining loyal customers, instead of players that just collect the initial bonus and never come back.

Check out our guide if you want to better understand how to deposit and play online poker with Bitcoin.

SwC Poker Rakeback

Seals with Clubs offer Rakeback through a Loyalty Program that rewards Poker Players that play a lot of hands in the cash games offered by the site. It starts at 5% and goes up to 50% Rakeback! To track the progress of the players, SwC Poker uses "Krill Points" - the more a player accumulates, the better the Rakeback, as well as other bonuses such as freerolls and avatar changes.

The calculation behind the amount of Krill Points a player earn is as follows: Pot Rake times 5, divided by players dealt, multiplied again by any bonus factors (if applicable). This means that you don't need to personally be the one to generate the most rake. All players that were dealt a hand will earn Krill points taking into account the entire Pot Rake. So, for example, if there is no bonus factor involved and 4 players are dealt a hand, each of them gains Krill Points equivalent to the Pot Rake times 5 and divided by 4 (number of players), rounded down to the nearest tenth of a Krill (1.19 would become 1.1 Points).

Krill points are cumulative: they never reset. The Rakeback is then paid to poker players weekly, based on the highest rank achieved since the last payment. The Rakeback levels at SwC Poker are as follows:

1 Point (New Seal) - 5% Rakeback, Access to Chat

50 Points (Baby Seal) - 5% Rakeback

500 Points (Floundering Seal) - 8% Rakeback + you can change your Avatar & Chat Color

1250 Points (Young Seal) - 10% Rakeback

2500 Points (Daring Seal) - 12% Rakeback

5000 Points (Adult Seal) - 14% Rakeback

10 000 Points (Tricky Seal) - 17% Rakeback

20 000 Points (Journeymen Seal) - 20% Rakeback

50 000 Points (Sly Seal) - 24% Rakeback

100 000 Points (Cunning Seal) - 28% Rakeback

200 000 Points (Boss Seal) - 33% Rakeback

500 000 Points (Shrewd Seal) - 38% Rakeback

1 000 000 Points (Baller Seal) - 42% Rakeback

2 000 000 Points (Sage Seal) - 45% Rakeback

5 000 000 Points (Iconic Seal) - 47% Rakeback

10 000 000 Points (Grandmaster Seal) - 50% Rakeback

As players play and accumulate Krill points, they also gain other rewards such as access to daily, weekly, and monthly freeroll tournaments. On top of that, Poker Players that start full ring or 6max cash games tables earn +50% Rakeback. This means it's possible to earn 50% via Loyalty Program (Grandmaster Seal) + 50% (for starting a table of fullring or 6max cash games) = 100% Rakeback at SwC Poker!

  • cashback up to 50%
  • Krill Leaderboard
  • Twitch Bounty Destruction
  • Freerolle
  • Bad Beat Jackpot


You think the conditions offered for the rake you are making are too low - write to us. DonkHunter.com is willing to rationally negotiate the terms when it is supported by the numbers you turn.

 Traffic SwC Poker

SwC Poker Room Traffic

Because SwC is a Bitcoin Poker room that deals with no fiat currencies, it faces no geographical restrictions that affect other poker rooms. Therefore, SwC Poker accepts players from all over the world, including United States players. Despite this, SwC Poker traffic is still relatively low, well outside the top 10 in the United States, but it is expected to increase quickly as the popularity of Bitcoin grows in the online poker industry. On the other hand, this means other poker sites are starting to accept Bitcoin as well, so Seals with Clubs is facing more and more competition. It is very noticeable that peak traffic corresponds to the United States evenings (from 17:00 to 23:00 at GMT-4 Time Zone). Bitcoin Poker is especially appealing for United States players because most other poker rooms are restricted in the country. Plus, Bitcoin provides anonymity and avoids fees that deposits and withdrawals using other payment methods usually have. During peak time, there are usually a few hundred active tables and a little over 200 hundred players, most of them concentrated in Heads-Up games. There's also good traffic in tournaments: regular players gain access to many freerolls and there are hourly freerolls open to all players.

SwC Poker has Hold'Em, Omaha, and PLO5 games available (and a few others as well, see below). The currency adopted is SwC Poker Chips (that are worth a millionth of a Bitcoin).

SwC Poker Games and Tournaments

Despite the low traffic, SwC Poker offers a great variety of games. In fact, there are few poker sites that can compete with SwC in game selection. It also has freerolls tournaments every hour and perhaps the lowest rake found in any online poker site, for micro-stakes: zero rake. In terms of games available, SwC Poker has: Hold’em, Pineapple Hold’em, Short Deck, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo, and other rare variants, they all can be played with Pot Limit or No Limit. Stakes go from micro ($0.02) to high (equivalent to $200) - remember this site uses Chips that have value in Bitcoin and the exchange rate of Bitcoins (BTC) to USD varies a lot.

All the game options are available for tournaments as well. There are freerolls literally all day long, every hour (perhaps an attempt by SwC Poker to keep traffic alive outside the peak hours). If you want to test the online poker software and the site, these freerolls are a great option for doing so with no risk. High Stakes players have the option of playing tournaments with up to 10,000 SwC Chips buy-in.

SwC Poker also has Sit & Go games and tournaments, a lot (they are listed in a separate category for this reason). Buy-ins for these range from 25 to 50,000 Swc Chips.

  • Online players: up to 200
  • Game stakes and game types:

    NLH SwC Poker (6-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    NLH SwC Poker (heads-up):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    PLO SwC Poker (6-max, shorthanded):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

    PLO SwC Poker (heads-up):

    • MICRO

    • LOW

    • MID

    • HIGH

  • Other games: Open Face Chinese Poker, 6+ Holdem, Draw Games, Stud, 5 Card Omaha
  • SNG: from 100CHP up to 50000CHP
  • MTT for: micro


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Software, support, and payment methods SwC Poker

SwC Poker Software

Like most online poker rooms nowadays, SwC Poker has downloadable software (with Windows and Mac Versions) and an Instant Play version (no download required).

In the Instant Play version, you play directly from the SwC Poker website. This works with either Desktop or Mobile devices (including Android, iOS), it just has to be able to run any Web Browser. When you use this option (play directly from the site), you can play at up to 4 tables at the same time and you don't even have to download anything. It's really quick to start playing this way. But you can do so with the Download version as well.

SwC Poker software is called Bitcoin Poker 3.0 and using it is very simple and intuitive. The lobby allows you to search and filter for tables and tournaments, plus it allows multi-table, access to table statistics, hand history, and customization options (including resize table windows, etc). In short, the client interface is great and it also looks nice, with a fun retro pixel look, it's innovative yet familiar at the same time.

SwC Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

The most notable feature of SwC Poker, since the inception of Seals with Clubs, is that it is a Bitcoin poker room. It only accepts deposits and pays using Bitcoin. The currency here is CHP (SwC Poker Chips): 1 000 000 chips = 1 Bitcoin.

The main advantages of this method for an online poker room are fast payouts (usually less than 24 hours to convert CHP for Bitcoin and send it to your Bitcoin wallet), true anonymity (SwC Poker and Bitcoin do not require any form of identification from players) and that it makes possible to accept players globally.

Unfortunately, this can be a disadvantage for those who prefer other payment options, as they are unavailable at SwC. However, Bitcoin is becoming more common in online poker rooms (especially among United States players) and it's very useful, so learning how to use a Bitcoin wallet is worth the effort.

Software language: English, Spanish, German, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Malay, Arabic, Italian

Rake: 1-2,5%

Currency: 1M CHP = 1BTC



Payment methods:  BTC

Withdrawal speed:


SwC Poker setup and registration

If you want to be sure that registration is successful or you are afraid that your place of residence will allow you to play at SwC Poker, we encourage you to contact us via one of the forms of contact where you will receive step-by-step instructions from our support.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about SwC Poker and their answers.

Does SwC Poker accept players from the United States?

Yes, in fact, this poker room accepts players from any part of the world, SwC doesn't even ask for personal information (such as address) when you create an account on their site. Because SwC Poker only deals with Bitcoins, it is not subject to legal restrictions that stop U.S. residents from playing on certain sites.

Is SwC Poker legit?

SwC Poker has been properly handling deposits and withdrawals, adding Rakeback to the players' account, etc, with no problems or delays. As for the presence of bots and collusion in the game, we found no evidence of such on this site.

How much is the rake at SwC Poker?

Micro-stakes tables often have 0 rake. Otherwise, it varies from 1 to 2,5%.

What is the Rakeback offer at SwC Poker?

SwC Poker offers a Rakeback program that goes up to 50%.

What is the First Deposit Bonus at SwC Poker?

Currently, SwC Poker does not have a First Deposit Bonus offer, unfortunately.

Does SwC Poker offer freeroll tournaments?

Yes, many. SwC Poker has hourly freeroll tournaments, so you can start playing here without having to make a big investment.

What is the currency used at SwC Poker?

The currency adopted in this site is Chips (SwC Poker Chips): 1 000 000 chips = 1 Bitcoin.

What are the deposit and cash-out options available at SwC Poker?

You can only deposit and cash out on this site using Bitcoins.

What is the best time to play online poker at SwC?

The peak hours in this site correspond to the evenings in the United States: from 17:00 to 23:00 (GMT-4).

Is SwC Poker available for Mac?

Yes, SwC Poker software has a Mac and a Windows version. If you prefer you can also use the Instant Play option from the site from any web browser of your choice.

Does SwC Poker have a Mobile version?

You can start playing SwC Poker on your mobile device by using the Instant Play feature at their website (no download or installation required).

How do you buy and sell Bitcoins?

You can buy Bitcoins from anyone who has it and wants to sell it to you and you can sell it to anyone who wants to buy it. This can be done peer-to-peer (you can find people who buy and sell bitcoin online) or by creating an account on a Bitcoin exchange of your choice.


Pros (5)

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no rake on microstakes

2019-12-06 12:46:10


no verification

2019-12-06 12:46:10


Pineapple games

2019-12-06 12:46:10


Low rake and good rakeback

2020-07-10 15:03:21


Weekly 0.6 BTC (~6k) main event with 0.01 BTC buy in, additionally 2 smaller main events

2020-07-10 15:01:21

Cons (5)

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small traffic

2019-12-06 12:46:10


payments only BTC

2019-12-06 12:46:10


There are about 7 actual players there.

2022-11-17 20:33:26


After the last earthquake on the cryptocurrency market, SwC poker should adjust stakes to the current rate of Bitcoin. Some games are not worth a penny now. I think that a high rate aided the high action at the tables before.

2021-07-21 19:37:23


No rake race or special promotions

2020-07-10 15:03:31

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