Best and most promising online poker rooms in 2022

The year 2021 comes to a close and a lot has changed in the online poker industry. We have had a lot of positive surprises, but a few negative ones as well. Let's have a quick recap of this past year and see what are the biggest promises for the next year.

Best and most promising online poker rooms in 2022 image

These online poker rooms were positive surprises during this year and have, in our judgment, the biggest potential in gambling opportunities for this year. This is our list of the top online poker sites in 2022.

GG Network
  • Rakeback up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus up to 600$
This year marked a big shift in the online poker industry: GGPoker took from PokerStars the spot of the most popular online poker room! This is in great part thanks to the many features this and all other poker rooms of the GGNetwork (BetKings, Natural8, GGPokerOk, and SnailPoker all share a player pool and have the same promotions):

* The Fish Buffet Rakeback program, which rewards you with up to 60% flat Rakeback.

* Tons of other promotions for all kinds of poker players: GGCare, Newcomer's Honeymoon, Daily Leaderboards, and many others.

* A wide offer of cash games, including No-Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, All-in or Fold, and other different games, as well as the highest traffic you can find in any poker room these days.

* Lots of incredible poker tournaments such as the online circle of the WSOP (World Series of Poker), Super Million$, GGMasters.

* Brand ambassadors like Daniel Negreanu, Dan Bilzerian, and other big names that promote GGPoker and bring a lot of newbies to their tables. Although at GGPoker you are bound to run into a professional poker player soon or later, you also find a lot of newbies.

Discovery of the year: French poker rooms

If you're tired of the regs on GGPoker and other big online poker brands, why don't you try some French poker rooms? We discovered a few that are, at least for now, free of regs! Some options include,, and Winamax.

This option is profitable for mid and high-stakes poker players since in many cases playing in such poker rooms is made possible via account rental, which involves a rental fee, so it might not be worth it for those who prefer playing low-stakes.

On the flip side, the field is soft and full of recreational players.

The hottest type of game for 2022: 6+

You can greatly increase your profits by playing 6+ poker games. What is the best poker room for that? Well, you have a few options.

If you play poker at high stakes, PokerKing Asia is the number one choice for you. Otherwise, we can also highly recommend the aforementioned GGPoker or any of its skins.

However, if you're looking to avoid the big names and brands, you can try Suprema Poker, PPPoker, or KKPoker. The chances of running into veteran grinders are much lower, but the traffic and stakes are lower as well.

Risky but worthy poker room: Bodog

To play poker in this room, many players choose to rent an account: which is not only costly but risky as well. Not only that, but you might even spot a bot or two. So why would a player want to go through all this trouble? 

It's simple: because it's worth it. Bodog has a lot of fish and weird plays on the tables. Your poker experience in Bodog will be full of lower games versus recreational players that clearly have no idea what they are doing.

Promising online poker rooms that have recently opened:

Blockchain Poker for those who enjoy poker games with Bitcoin, also has a lot of amateurs that come from the crypto world and decide to try some games, online poker among them. In the spirit of the crypto enthusiasts, this poker room is completely anonymous, it doesn't require any type of account verification. is an Italian poker room that has some crazy action with complete amateurs! The downsides are that Italy is a closed market (this can be circumvented via VPN and account rental) and that evidence of bots and collusion has been reported. Still, if you're a high-stakes poker player, it might be worth the risk.

Suprema Poker is a new Brazilian poker room that is definitely worth your attention. The software resembles KKPoker a lot, the traffic is growing steadily, and - most importantly - it's still free of regular players for the most part. 

The failures of the year:

These online poker rooms have unfortunately been disappointing this year, for a number of reasons. In the past, they were great, but have recently declined. Let's hope they can do better in 2022.

PartyPoker: The traffic has declined drastically (but it's still good: we found 9 heads-up tables, 150 6-max, 22 tables in 8-max, and 15 tables on 6+, across all stakes), also they decided to break relationships with affiliates who promote Bodog, among other questionable decisions. In the end, this results in lower Rakeback for you, players. Therefore we have stopped working with PartyPoker, at least for now. 

Tigergaming: they said that they will not pay extra Rakeback to any new player that is brought to them by affiliates, yet they still pay extra Rakeback to affiliates for their old players.

On the positive side, Tigergaming traffic has increased significantly: NLHE tables offer extremely good traffic across all stakes. Microstakes players find here 25 tables with stakes from 0.05/0.1$ to 0.25/0.5$. Players which prefer to play higher stakes find here 19 NLHE tables from 0.5/1$ to 15/30$.

PLO tables also offer pretty good traffic compared to 6+ tables. Fans of Shortdeck may feel unsatisfied, however, as the Chico Poker Network provides only a few tables with that poker variant.

Next to cash games, players will have the option to play at loads of tables in MTT, Sit and Go, and Spin format - 113 MTT tables with buy-ins from 0.1$ to 525$ and 90 Sit and Go tables with buy-ins from 1.5$ to 60$ (PLO Sit and Go with buy-ins from 1.5$ to 7$).

We still work with Tigergaming: check out our complete review for more information such as deposit bonuses, promotions, and sign-up.