Best apps for online poker: Club GG & other club apps

Club-based apps such as PokerBros, PPPoker, and, of course, ClubGG Poker, are becoming increasingly more popular every day, and with good reasons. As well as being great to play with friends, they are also a great tool to access and win real money poker games from almost any country in the world. But what makes them so popular and how to find the best choice for you? We're gonna tell you now.

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Club-based poker apps: PPPoker, Pokerbros & others

Traditional online poker sites and apps host games and tournaments that you can join and play from a global lobby, with the entire player pool of the site. They handle your deposits and withdrawals directly and are often subject to regulations that restrict them only to certain countries.

Club-based poker apps offer an interesting alternative. They started appearing a few years ago (around 2019) and some of the most popular are: PPPoker, Upoker, Pokerbros, and now Club GG Poker.

There is no global lobby on these apps. Instead, players can create private clubs. Each club has its own chips, tables, poker games, tournaments, rake, and promotions. This makes those apps excellent to play with friends, but they also allow you to play real money poker games with players from all over the world, even if they are restricted in your country.

This happens because, technically, those are all play-money apps. No real money is directly deposited to them. So how did we say they are meant for real money games?

With the help of agents such as Donkhunter, you can convert the play money chips to real money. You can deposit through the agent and your chips are then deposited to your account on the respective club, or do the reverse process to cash out your chips and collect your money through an e-wallet, cryptocurrency, or another agreed-upon payment method (usually the same one used for the deposit).

That way, a play money app, which is not subject to geo-restrictions, can be used to play with friends or real money poker games will people from all over the world.

ClubGG Poker joins the game


+ good games on mid stakes
+ no geo-restrictions
+ HUD works with converter
- lack of spins and sit&go
- poor heads-up offer

The industry's giant GGPoker took great interest in this market. After some years of development and beta testing, they finally released the ClubGG Poker App. This is a mobile app that works as described above, where players can create and join private games and clubs. As such, it can work as an alternative to already established club-based apps such as PPPoker and PokerBros.

And what does it have to offer that differentiates it from its competitors?

A Promising High-Stakes Poker App 2023

The problem with club-based poker apps, generally, is that they tend to have a much smaller player pool. As a result, they often focus more on micro, low, and mid-stakes games. High-stakes games are rare.

This is not the case, however, with the ClubGG Poker App. Because GGPoker is such a massive name (the biggest and most popular poker room in the world, currently), it has a quite large player pool. On ClubGG you can find cash games and tournaments across all stakes.

For this reason, we believe ClubGG is currently the most promising High-Stakes Poker App for 2023.

Complete ClubGG Poker review

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Author: Charles F Jr is a poker and crypto enthusiast who writes about online poker since 2020, also a translator for Portuguese & Spanish.