What are the best poker sites for beginners?

Donkhunter team helps you to steer clear of regular players and increase your income by playing in the best poker sites for beginners. If you're tired of being pitted against the same regs and wish to increase your profits to play online poker, read on.

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Introduction - why we wrote this article

The increasing popularity of online poker sites brought about changes that are not necessarily in favor of beginners who enter the poker market. They are led into a lion's cave, standing no chance against experienced, already accommodated players. It's harder than ever before to find poker rooms where you will have the opportunity to play soft games against weak players. So today we'll tell you about the best beginner online poker (legal) site.

Best Online Poker Rooms for Beginners selected by Donkhunter

If you do not want to be taken for a ride by regs when you play poker online, we advise you to read this article and consider some of the online poker sites that are -still- free of regs (well, almost). One of the best ways to increase your profits is by playing online poker against fish. Here are some of the top poker sites for that purpose: soft real money poker games.

We have prepared an article with the Best Bitcoin & Crypto Poker Sites for Bitcoin Poker enthusiasts.

Suprema Poker - New Brazilian poker site 
Suprema Poker

Suprema Poker has quickly become one of the best poker sites in Brazil. It was launched only recently after some Brazilian PPPoker Clubs were closed. Most regular players haven't found out about it yet and as a result, there's a lot of fresh blood at their tables. Possibly one of the best cash game poker sites.

Suprema Poker Review

Poker games use a play money currency called Suprema Coins - with the help of an agent such as DonkHunter you can buy and sell Suprema Coins for real money. Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill, and Neteller are accepted as payment methods. 

Suprema Poker Games

The cash games available include Texas Hold'em and Omaha, with stakes from approximately 0.02/0.04 to 9/18 USD, and Six Plus with ante (blinds) from 0.02 to 0.35 USD. There are also Heads Up Holdem and Omaha games for mid and high stakes, MTTs from 0.05 to 18.6 USD, and Sit n Go from 0.35 to 18.6 USD. Here you can play the best poker game for beginners,

Recommended for: players that live in restricted countries and have trouble registering in other poker sites, as well as any poker players looking for good poker sites for beginners in 2021.

Multi-step verification poker room - KKpoker 

To play on KKpoker you need to provide some basic identification such as full name, photo id, address, city, and e-mail verification. You also have to be mindful of the list of restricted countries. If going through these steps is not a problem for you, KKPoker has a lot to offer you, especially in terms of recreational players.

KKpoker Review

KKpoker is a club-based poker app that distinguishes itself from other similar Chinese apps (such as PPPoker) in that it is regulated and licensed to offer real money online poker games. This means players have access to a direct cashier instead of having to rely on agents for deposits and withdrawals and that the KKpoker App is considered to be safe, reliable, and among the best poker sites in general.

KKpoker Rakeback deal depends on the club - with DonkHunter you gain access to the best KKpoker Clubs and Rakeback deals.

KKpoker games

The traffic is up to 100 online players, with a selection of cash games including NLH and PLO (7-max, 9-max, Shorthanded) and Open Face Chinese games available. Most of them are Asian players, so you can expect soft games and peak traffic around 11 AM CET.

Recommended for: Players that have no issue with the verification process and country restrictions, players that can be online during peak hours in Asia, Open Face Chinese players.

Crazy Korean poker room - 1234poker 
1234Poker STOPPED

1234poker is a surprising case where the traffic on mid and high stakes is higher than on smaller rates. Best of all, it's full of recreational players! 1234poker easily wins a spot on our list of the softest poker sites in 2021. A contender for one of the best cash game online poker sites.

1234poker Review 

This is an Asian poker site, for this reason, you'll find peak traffic around lunchtime in Europe. However, the number of recreational players found here makes up for the inconvenience. Software is available on PC and mobile devices. Poker client cooperates with MAC and Windows systems. The app is available on Android and iOS. 

1234poker Games

This Korean poker site provides juicy games on the most popular poker variants as well as niches like Badugi and Stud. On 1234 poker you will also come across Sit n Go, but unfortunately, the room doesn't provide a good MTT offer. The traffic is pretty good, stakes run from NL10 up to NL10000. Games are focused mainly on 6max and 9max but there are also some HU games.

Recommended for: Players of mid and high-stakes cash games. You won't really find micro stakes here. On the other hand, it's probably one of the softest poker sites all around. If you are hunting for games on low-level, 1234 poker should meet your expectations. 

The giant - GGPoker


  • Rakeback 60%+
  • Deposit bonus $600
If you're comfortable with big brands, GGPoker is the way to go. Although it is one of the most popular poker sites with lots of regulars across all limits, this is also an advantage. This is because, from the over 100 thousand online players at GGPoker, you'll surely meet fish among them. It is also one of the most reputable online pokersites overall and the top-rated online poker site in terms of traffic.

GGPoker Review

GGPoker is the undisputed best online poker site in terms of traffic and promotions. The number of online players is insane and there are so many promos that it's hard to even keep track of all of them - the most important being Fish Buffet, a Rakeback program that can give you up to 60% Rakeback. Unfortunately, GGPoker forbids HUD which causes an inconvenience for grinders.

GGPoker Games

The traffic is insane - up to 150,000 online players. You have a selection of cash games that includes Hold'em, Omaha, Short Deck, and others - but no Heads Up games. Sit n Go, All-in or Fold, Rush & Cash and Multi-Table poker Tournaments are also abundant. All limits are available with the biggest traffic of any online poker site and, although many regulars are present, many recreational players come to GGPoker every day, from passive limpers to really crazy careless Asians, so don't be surprised if someone wants to steal you from the small blind by pushing all-in from 63s. Also, one of the best poker platforms.

Recommended for: Players that are comfortable playing in a big online poker room, regular grinders that recognize they'll sometimes run into regulars too, and those who play a lot, because they can take full advantage of the Fish Buffet Rakeback program.

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