Dan Bilzerian leaves GGPoker - again

Dan Bilzerian might be leaving his position as a GGPoker ambassador. It was said so by Dan himself on a recent podcast. Is it for real this time? What does GG have in mind? Read the full article to know more.

Dan Bilzerian leaves GGPoker - again image

Dan Bilzerian announces he is no longer a GGPoker ambassador

After numerous controversies, the latest one being on March 8, International Women's Day, when Dan Bilzerian suddenly disappeared from the roster of GGPoker's ambassadors' tab and announced to be done with the partnership, only to have GGPoker on Twitter saying that the partnership was still on, now Dan Bilzerian claims that the partnership has ended for good.

The announcement was made on the No Jumper podcast on YouTube last Tuesday (June 7th). We haven't heard of GGPoker so far about the subject, but it seems clear that the benefits of this partnership have run their course - perhaps long ago.

A controversial partnership

From the get-go, GGPoker's partnership with Dan Bilzerian elicited a lot of protests, including but not only many female players. Not long after, he had an argument with a pro poker player and also former GG ambassador Vanessa Kade on Twitter. Many, including Vanessa, demanded a stance from GG and questioned the idea of a partnership with Dan. Finally, Vanessa Kade left GG and joined ACR.

Dan Bilzerian has been failing to promote the brand as expected. He was expected to play a Heads-Up game against the winner of a freeroll tournament that happened on his birthday, but this has never happened. Dan claims to have brought "over 100,000 new players" to GGPoker, but from the outside, it's hard to see anything meaningful done by him to promote the brand.

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