GGPoker New Fish Buffet - flat cashback up to 60%

Starting today, GGPoker offers a new reward system, which can get you a flat cashback up to 60%. Learn everything you need to know about it here.

GGPoker New Fish Buffet - flat cashback up to 60% image

GGPoker New Fish Buffet - flat cashback up to 60%

Starting today, the new "All New Fish Buffet" at GG Poker offers many types of rewards. Basically, you can opt between spinning the wheel to collect rewards (up to 100% cashback reward) or just a flat weekly cashback if you prefer. To unlock bigger rewards and cashback rates you'll need to climb up the ranks by collecting Fish Points (FP) within a limited amount of days. You can collect Fish Points by playing any Poker or Casino games. In the poker games, you'll get 100 FP for every $1 paid in rank and fees on average.


Black Ranks

As you might have noticed, some ranks are called Black Ranks, which offer weekly payout and flat cashback. After achieving them, they are maintained for a year and you must get a set number of FP to renew the rank or you will we dropped by one Black Rank lower. With a Black Rank you'll have the advantage of being able to receive cashback weekly at a fixed rate, without worrying about the wheel and time limits. When you are a Black Rank, you can always switch back to regular Fish Buffet if you want to try for a higher level (however you will not be able to switch back to Black Rank for a period of time).


The cashback rates are: 60% for Black Shark, 50% for Black Whale, 35% for Black Octopus and 20% for Black Fish. 

  • Rakeback Up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus $600

+ immense cashback
+ many monthly promotions
+ big traffic on all stakes
- no HUD
- lack of HU

Old Fish Buffet

If you knew the old Fish Buffet Rewards, you'll noticed that the required points for reaching each rank has been increased by many times, but the time for reaching each rank is doubled. The rewards on the wheel are higher, but the probabilities of getting such rewards are lower. Everyone will start with a fresh new rank and 0 FP, but if you already have FP from the old Fish Buffet you'll get rewards according to your old rank and any unopened rewards will be credited to your account.

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