GGMasters Overlay Edition 2024

The GGMasters Overlay Edition on GGPoker promises an unforgettable poker experience, featuring a $10,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and a $150 buy-in. With multiple Day 1 flights spanning from February 18 to 26, players have ample opportunities to compete for their share of the massive prize pool. Exciting satellite tournaments offer additional paths to entry, ensuring broad accessibility and participation. The tournament follows a freezeout format, with structured gameplay and late registration options. Brace yourself for intense competition, thrilling action, and the chance to win big in this prestigious poker event!

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The highly anticipated GGMasters Overlay Edition returns to GGPoker this month, offering players two weekends of thrilling tournament action.

True to its name, GGPoker understands the likelihood of encountering an overlay, as evidenced by past editions in both 2022 and 2023. Why would a poker room willingly embrace such a scenario? The answer lies in marketing strategy. Consider it a loss leader: by enticing players with the prospect of an overlay in a relatively affordable tournament, GGPoker can attract a larger player pool who may also engage in other games on the platform.

The tournament features a $150 buy-in and follows a freezeout format, making it more susceptible to overlays. With a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million, GGPoker will need a substantial number of participants to avoid any overlay payouts.

To meet this ambitious target, the tournament offers multiple Day 1 flights tailored to players across different time zones. The first three Day 1A flights kick off on Sunday, February 18, with sessions for Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Subsequent flights follow on February 24 and 25, leading up to Day 1D on February 26, which includes a Last Chance flight for latecomers. The tournament culminates in Day 2 on the same day, February 26.

Daniel Negreanu, Global Ambassador for GGPoker, expressed enthusiasm for the event, highlighting its unique blend of affordability, massive guaranteed prize pool, and the potential for significant value. Reflecting on last year's edition, which saw an overlay surpassing $1 million, Negreanu remains optimistic about the 2024 event's prospects.

Sarne Lightman, Managing Director of GGPoker, emphasized the tournament's significance in the platform's commitment to its community.

In addition to the main event, satellites offer players various paths to secure their entry, ensuring widespread participation and heightened excitement leading up to the tournament.

As anticipation builds for the GGMasters Overlay Edition, players eagerly await the chance to compete for their share of the $10 million prize pool and potentially lucrative overlays, making it a standout event in the poker calendar.

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