GGNetwork's answer to the use of RTA in online poker

The use of RTA (real time assistence) tools has the potential to change the online poker landscape forever or even break the game altogether. The controversy has been re-ignited when recently a famous pro player was caught cheating. GG Network answered by claiming to be able to detect the use of RTA software, banning some accounts and confiscating money in others.

GGNetwork's answer to the use of RTA in online poker image

GGNetwork's answer to the use of RTA in online poker


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Recently, we covered in our news article the case of the famous pro player and streamer Fedor Kruse. He was accused of cheating by his own friends, who posted evidence in the Two Plus Two poker forums. According to the accusers, Fedor was found by them playing with two computers, in one of them using RTA software to "solve" hands (advise about the optimal play in any situation), starting at low stakes and quickly moving up to high stakes games. With that strategy, he was quickly winning massive amounts of money and games against other players that played using their human brains alone, without any software assistance.

In response, GG Network put out a statement addressing this issue. They even indirectly mentioned a high profile case in the community, without mentioning any names, but is tacitly understood in the poker community that the referred player is in fact the streamer Fedor Kruse. According to the operator, they have redoubled their efforts to fight RTA and claim that they are able to detect it through data analysis and a security team that works with the help of "the brightest poker minds".

As a result, 13 users were banned and had $ 1.2 million confiscated (to be returned to the players who lost games because of RTA). Another 27 accounts were banned (but with no money confiscation) and finally 40 accounts simply received warnings. GG Network says, however, that there will be no warnings next time: players caught using RTAs will be promptly banned and have their money confiscated. A report system was also implemented to aid the community in policing suspicious play and helping GGNetwork catch cheaters faster.

Many players still question if RTAs really are detectable, though, and if GG Network was not able to catch Fedor and likely other players using them a few weeks ago, how could they develop such advanced detection systems in that short time? Other members in the community also fear fake reports and the punishment innocent players, specially those who play really well and could be mistaken for players using assistance software just because of their excellent decision making. For now we need to play close attention and wait and see how all of this situation unfolds.

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