GGPoker Bet on Flop: new side game feature

GGPoker has just introduced a new feature for side bets across at every Texas Hold'em Poker table (cash games, excluding Rush & Cash), called Bet on Flop: before the Flop is dealt, players can place bets on whether it will be predominantly red or black, if a straight flush will come, etc. It is available already in a few selected markets. But what are the odds and the payouts? Is it worth it? Let's analyze it.

GGPoker Bet on Flop: new side game feature image

Bet on Flop: GGPoker Side Bet Feature

Side bets like these are already common in the world of poker, especially during show high-stakes poker games like those on TV. It's a fun little game to increase the action and enjoyable to play for fun. However, this is obviously totally luck-based, it is not a game of skill. Therefore, we believe this will not appeal to professional cash game players, only to recreational, losing players. The payouts are not worth it and you're likely to lose money in the long run, as you'll see.

Bet on Flop on Hold'em Cash Games

It works like this: while the betting rounds proceed, anytime before the flop is dealt, you can place a bet on what it will be. The payouts and return-to-player (RTP) are as shown below:

More Red: Two or more red cards - 0.75:1 - RTP: 92.86%

More Black: Two or more black cards - 0.75:1 - RTP: 92.86%

Pair: Exactly 2 cards with the same face value - 3.4:1 - RTP: 75.43%

Flush: 3 cards with the same suit but not a straight - 15.5:1 - RTP: 82.58%

Straight: 3 cards in sequential order but not a flush - 24:1 - RTP: 84.69%

Triple / Straight Flush: 3 cards that make a straight flush or 3 cards of the same rank - 167:1 - RTP 78.86%

As you can see, all RTP values are below 100% meaning players will lose money on this in the long run.

Bet on Flop Rules

- Bets are against the house (not against the other players)
- Bets are deducted from your account balance, not from your playing stack.
- Bet size can vary between 1 to 100 BB.
- It's only available for players that are playing the hand, sitting out players can't participate.
- If the hand ends pre-flop, the bet is carried to the next hand.

In Conclusion

Stay away from this - it's not worth it in the long run. Recreational players may have fun with it, although they'd be losing more of their money to the house, not to you. We can only hope that this new feature has the positive side of at least attracting more fish to the tables. 

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