GGpoker launches its new club application ClubGG for beta testing

GGPoker's newest innovation is a mobile application called ClubGG. Now players can join and play in private clubs backed by the industry's giant GGNetwork. Currently on beta testing, it is already available for download and play on iOS and Android. Read the full article to know more.

GGpoker launches its new club application ClubGG for beta testing image

GGNetwork is one of the biggest online poker brands, initially focused on the Asian market, it attracts a lot of amateurs from China and Korea. They now boldly venture into a territory dominated by names such as PokerBros and other popular social poker applications: poker clubs. Their app, called ClubGG, although not officially released yet, is currently on beta testing and already available for download and play, offering a great gaming experience overall. With this move, it is expected that the app gains massive popularity when officially launched and that GGPoker captivates a significant share of the quickly expanding market for club based apps.


  • Rakeback Up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus Up to $1000

+ big traffic on all stakes
+ big and well known poker network
+ a lot of big MTTs
- no HUD support
- PVI rake structure
- high rake

GGPoker's mobile club-based app: ClubGG

In this app, players are allowed to join and create their own private clubs, games and tournaments. New players can be accepted through invitation codes. Club owners are able to add unlimited chips to the players, can set other players as agents and managers and they are responsible for the logistics. ClubGG also uses an in-game currency called Diamonds, a type of play money that can be bought with real money through in-app purchases.

About the app itself, the gameplay is smooth and very similar to GGPoker's regular mobile app, although there is no landscape mode up until this moment. It uses a certified RNG, has a security team available and is backed by GGNetwork itself. Time will tell how ClubGG will perform compared to other estabilished club-based apps such as PokerBros, PPPoker and other Chinese apps.