GGPoker mistake makes losing player win the pot

A glitch during a $ 1 million GTD event on the GGPoker Super MILLION$ series last Sunday caused a hefty pot to go to the losing player and a lot of criticism on Reddit. Read the full article to know more.

GGPoker mistake makes losing player win the pot image

In poker, it is not unusual for a player to win a pot with the poorest hand, but this usually only occurs when a bluff is used. On one occasion during a showdown in a game of GGPoker, the best hand inexplicably lost, which was a glaringly expensive error.

On Sunday night, a mistake during a $1 million guaranteed tournament at GGPoker resulted in a large pot going to the incorrect player.

The mistake happened in a $10,300 Super High Roller event that was a part of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ series and had a $1 million guarantee.

What transpired was captured in a screenshot that Benjamin Rolle posted on Twitter. A player by the name of Tom Poker NL raised the pot in the hand with the blinds at 3000/6000 to 12,600 while holding pocket 10s. Simon Mattsson, another player at the table, made an all-in bet with pocket Queens while sitting in the big blind position. After Tom Poker NL made a call, the board eventually displayed Ks-6d-Kc-7c-5c. The best hand was a pair of Queens from Simon Mattsson, but due to an error, Tom Poker NL won both the hand and the $ 369,876 pot.

Following multiple responses to Benjamin Rolle's Tweet, the majority of which were negative and questioned GGPoker, the poker site offered an explanation in a Reddit thread.

The Reddit post claims that there was a conditional error that made the system mistakenly identify the game as Flip&Go rather than traditional No-Limit Hold'em. As a result, one card was thrown, and the incorrect player was given the pot. GGPoker stated in the post that the fault had been addressed and that all affected players had received refunds. Simon Mattsson also stated that he received his money back.

"There was a conditional bug that made the system recognize the game as Flip&Go, and discard one card. We have fixed this bug, and refunded all such cases," GGPoker wrote in the Reddit post.

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