GGPoker pays reimbursement to 4 k + players in fight against RTA

After the accusations against pro player Fedor Kruse and the use of RTA (Real Time Assistance) gone viral, GGPoker decided to ban a number of players and confiscate their funds as a punishment for the use of RTA. Now over 4000 players have received compensation totaling over $ 1 M for losing games against those players who were punished, some of them banned. Read the full article to know more about it.

GGPoker pays reimbursement to 4 k + players in fight against RTA image

GGPoker pays reimbursement to 4 k + players in fight against RTA


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A few weeks ago we covered in our news article the accusations against the pro player Fedor Kruse and the discussions this case incited against the use of RTA (you can find this article here). Then, GG Poker answered by releasing a statement saying that they were improving their systems and data analysis to fight the use of this type of software, banning players, warning others, and confiscating funds (you can read this one here). Now, players that suffered unfair losses caused by the use of RTA against them reported having some of their funds reimbursed by GGPoker, who seized those funds from some of the players that they banned.

A total of 4,239 players received a total of $ 1,175,305 in funds as compensation for the episode. GGPoker also ensures that the culprits were permanently banned and their detection methods are being improved. With that, the operator seems to want to work to preserve their good image and reputation as a safe provider for online poker games that are fair and trustworthy. Some of those players who received reimbursement, however, are not happy about it, claiming that they lost much more than they got refunded. GG Poker did not clarify how they calculated the values to be refunded to which players, neither did they report the names of those who have been banned and had their funds seized because they were using RTA, the operator just claims that they have made these calculations as fairly as possible.

Although not all players that were harmed are satisfied with this solution and RTA is still undetectable if used properly by a skilled player, at least GGPoker is doing something about it. This can very well shape the landscape of online poker in the next years because, if this situtation is left unchecked, the online poker game can become a machine vs machine environment were fish and all human players in general are crushed by having to play against powerful software, causing them to abandon the game, as happened to backgammon. For now let us pay close attention to all this situation an we will surely bring you the most updated news about any advancements regarding this subject.

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