GGPoker presents 3-Blind Hold'em Poker Tables

GGPoker is introducing 8-Max No-Limit Hold'em tables that feature 3 blinds (Small Blind, Big Blind, and Third Blind). This already popular format in Asian poker apps is a novelty at GGPoker. Read the full article to understand how it works and to know more.

GGPoker presents 3-Blind Hold'em Poker Tables image

Asian gamers on the GGNetwork network received the new cash game format "3-Blind" as a "gift" for the Chinese New Year. The GGPoker lobby received new tables at the end of January 2023.

They possessed the quality of each hand being played with little, big, and third blinds (twice the BB). Therefore, the moniker "3-Blind". These tables will also have an ante where all players will contribute to the pot each hand, this is equal to the small blind, and they are all in the 8-max format.

The format is not original for online poker, despite the way it is presented. Such tables have long operated in mobile poker apps targeted at Chinese players.

Due to that plus the ante, there is already a significant sum of "dead" money in the middle of the table before the flop, which raises the intensity of the action.

Traffic on GGPoker 3-Blind Hold'Em Poker Tables

As anticipated, poker players from China and other Asian nations were drawn to the 3-Blind tables.

The smallest stake reaches roughly 50 tables during European time, while the other two reach 20 apiece. These numbers increase by a few tables during peak hours.

3-Blind is an interesting format for grinders because of the larger number of weak players drawn in by the novelty and the requirement for regulars to change from their customary 6-max without straddle and ante approach, so it can be profitable.

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Author: Charles F Jr is a poker and crypto enthusiast who writes about online poker since 2020, also a translator for Portuguese & Spanish.