Best Italian Poker Sites - A Complete Guide by DonkHunter (2022)

Wanna find out the best Italian online poker rooms for HU games, Fast Forward poker, Spins, best Rakeback, and more? We'll tell you all about it in this comprehensive guide prepared for you! Not only Italian poker players, but also players from other countries can benefit from playing online poker in Italy.

Best Italian Poker Sites - A Complete Guide by DonkHunter (2022) image

DonkHunter brings you our Complete Guide to the best online poker rooms with an Italian gambling license, including for each one a quick Review in terms of traffic, games available, reputation, and more. You can click on a room to get our in-depth Review.

We also prepared for you a list of suggestions based on the types of games you play - you can find it at the end of the article. You can find all the Italian Poker rooms included in our offer here. And if you are interested in the best poker sites for beginners we have a list of recommendations, as well as an overall best online poker sites in 2022.

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Best Italian Poker Sites - Quick Guide

Here are our suggestions of the best Italian poker rooms for you based on what you are looking for.

  • MTT:,, People'
  • Spin & Go:,,
  • HU cash games: People',,
  • Omaha:, People'
  • 6-max NL:, People',,
  • Shortdeck (6+):
  • Zoom/Fastforward:
  • The Highest Rakeback: People' - up to 40%

  • Rakeback up to 40%
  • Deposit bonus N/A

  • Up to 40% Rakeback
  • Rental accounts are not bothered if they don't use VPN
  • Recognizable poker network (
  • Good traffic especially on high stakes
  • Many regular players
  • No Fast Forward Poker


One of the biggest Poker Rooms in the Italian market, People' offers numerous advantages to its players, such as the Rakeback offer which goes up to 40%.

Is it possible to rent an account on

You don't need VPN to play here and you won't be bothered by not using it - it's even better if you don't because using a VPN could get you banned for 7 days (luckily, these bans are temporary and you can regain full access after one week of absence).

Is People' rigged?

People' is part of a very reliable poker network, DH Team, and players that we work with, found no evidence of collusion, bots, rigged games or anything similar here.

How's the traffic at

At People' you can expect to find good traffic, especially on higher stakes: we found around 20 active tables from NL 700 up to NL 1000!

HU tables have the King of the Hill feature available, meaning players are only allowed to wait for an opponent at a single table per stake, which makes it the HU lobby cleaner and more attractive, increasing the number of amateur players at the tables.

In mid-stakes, from NL100 to NL400, we found about 20 tables. There are about 2000 to 3000 online players.  All the data traffic is gathered during Thursday CET evening, or in other words peak hours in case of

You'll also find here a very lively tournament schedule, with live tournaments as well. One of the unique features about this room is that most tables here are either 4max (18 tables) and 5 max (about 100 tables), instead of the usual 6max and 9max tables found in most other poker rooms. If you're into the Spin format, you can find it on all People's skins but with lower buy-ins compared to, for example,

On the negative side, People' certainly does have a considerable number of regulars, players that simply know their way to beat their opponents. There's also no fast forward (zoom) poker.

You can see People' traffic numbers by clicking on the gallery below. The screenshots were taken during peak hours, on Thursday evening (Central European Timezone).
  • Rakeback 20%
  • Deposit bonus 500€

  • Rakeback up to 20%
  • Many Freerolls
  • Superb traffic on Spins (Spin & Win)
  • Telesina, 32 Card Draw and other niche variants available
  • Software deserves praise and has the English language available
  • HUD requires converter
  • No HU tables on High Stakes


Often mistaken with its .com counterpart, actually offers higher traffic. This room has lots of freerolls, so you can try it without having to invest much. Traffic and games available is the way to go if you're into niche poker variants such as Telesina and 32 Card Draw,. Here you'll also find decent traffic on 6-max tables and at Heads-Up max on mid-stakes, including Heads-Up and Sit & Go games with buy-ins from €10 to €50. 

We found about 300 online players during peak hours. What impressed us the most was the excellent traffic on Spins (called Spin & Win). Unfortunately, we found no traffic at Heads-Up tables on high stakes (Holdem).

Is it possible to rent an account on

Yes, there is a possibility for account rental on

Is there collusion or bots on is not rigged nor colluded. In fact, many people praise its software as it runs smoothly and it's very intuitive to use. Most importantly, it is licensed and the games are reliable and fair according to the players that play there.

 The software has the English language available as well. However, you will need a converter to use HUD.

The client interface is another positive feature. Screenshots were taken during peak hours, in this case it was Thursday evening (CET).
  • Rakeback up to 20%
  • Deposit bonus N/A

  • Rakeback up to 20%
  • Wide range of games on micro-stakes (Holdem)
  • Twister (iPoker spins) up to €200
  • Nice spin games overall
  • No high-stakes tables
  • filled with regular players is also of the most popular poker rooms in Italy, so it has high traffic. This room offers a wide variety of games, specially micro-stakes tables and Spins in general, including Twister up to €200.

Is legit?

Being part of one of the most reputable poker networks and gambling brands in the world, is a trustworthy poker room that has been in the market for a long time. Traffic and games available

We found 3200 online during peak hours, this is one of the Italian rooms with the most traffic. There was a lot of action on micro-stakes Holdem and about 15 tables on mid-stakes. We also found HU Omaha games, but only on micro-stakes and low-stakes (4 tables), plus full ring tables but micro-stakes only. HU tables have the King of the Hill feature.

You can find Twister on, is a spins game that is very well known and popular in all iPoker skins, up to €200, as well as HU Sit & Go (including regular / turbo / hyper turbo) up to €250. offers several freeroll tournaments, good for building bankroll or experimenting with the room for no risk.

On the downside, there are many regular (skilled) players in this room and no high-stakes tables.

On the screenshots (taken during peak time, CET) you can see some of the traffic numbers and the Twister games available on 
  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus N/A

  • Good choice for high-stakes HU players
  • Italian Poker variant
  • Lots of freerolls
  • High rake (up to 6%)
  • No big MTTs is like a typical Italian casino, it offers casino games and its design resembles one as well. Together with People', is probably the best place for Italian players that enjoy HU games, especially on high stakes.

Is there collusion or bots on

DonkHunter Team and the players that we work with found no evidence of such on If you have experienced any during your games, please let us know!
Contact us games and traffic

In total, there were about 1300 online players during peak hours and the games were very easy in general, with tables full of fish. is one of the most active Italian poker rooms on High-stakes HU. We found eight NL400, six NL600, and twelve NL1000 HU tables. This room uses the King of the Hill feature. offers the Italian Poker variant, separated in a special tab for it, and 4-5 max tables. You can also find here lots of freerolls if you want to experiment with the room first. 

Other games available here include: Sit & Go (up to € 250) and Slot & Go (up to € 50).

You can see on the screenshots the HU tables, the Italian poker tab, and traffic numbers.
  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus N/A

  • Immense traffic across all stakes
  • A lot of action on Short Deck games
  • Tempest Hold'em (unique PokerStars format)
  • Sit & Go tables are mostly HU
  • Low cashback in the form of drawing prize chests

Can you rent an account on

Account rental on is possible.


Does have bots or collusion?

 This is a branch of the biggest online poker room in the world, PokerStars. This room has a solid reputation and would not risk it by allowing bots or collusion.

What's the traffic and games available at

Being a branch of PokerStars, a juggernaut of the industry, the name alone attracts a lot of players - we found about 30,000 of them online! There is good traffic in all stakes.

Fans of Short Deck games should check out what offers, this is probably the best Italian poker room for Short Deck players.

At, you will also find Fast Forward (Zoom) Poker tables, Sit & Go tables (the vast majority are Heads-Up tables), as well as a unique format to this site, called Tempest, Hold'em. It's a unique poker format, based on Texas Hold'em, with antes that increase until a showdown is reached, an extra pre-flop blind, and just two options for all players: all-in or fold!

The screenshot shows some of the traffic numbers and the buy-ins available for the Tempest Hold'em format.
  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus 1500€

  • Well-known brand
  • Good for bumhunters
  • Blast and Snap poker available
  • close to no Rakeback
  • account rental is risky


Is t possible to rent an account on

The possibility exists, but this is one of the riskier poker rooms to do so. 

Is rigged or colluded? is another well-known brand that has to get rid of bots and collusion to maintain its reputation, hard-earned throughout the years. As far as we could find, this room is legit and the games are fair. It is the Italian branch of the famous 888poker room. pros and cons

Bumhunters will probably appreciate the most, some of our players reported that they often came across newcomers on high stakes tables. Traffic is nice, with about 1000 online players. also has Snap (Fast Forward) and Blast Poker, both great formats for players that enjoy fast-paced games.

On the negative side, the Rakeback offer here is practically non-existent. The traffic on Snap Poker hasn't been so great lately. Last but not least, players that rent accounts must be aware that there is a risk of getting caught here.

 The screenshots show some traffic numbers on Snap, 6-max, 9-max, and Omaha tables.