New Online Poker Rooms Autumn 2022

Tired of playing against regs in the same old poker rooms? We understand! That’s why DonkHunter brings you today not one, but four fresh online poker rooms to play in Autumn 2022. It will feel like a breath of fresh air to play against casual players in a poker room not yet discovered and crowded by regs. Read the full article to know more.

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Fresh Online Poker Rooms Autumn 2022

We all know what is like when a brand-new online poker room or app comes out: many players are eager to try it and, as a result, lots of fish are attracted to the tables. Soon after, however, grinders find out about the place and suddenly the games are not so soft anymore. That’s why we have to enjoy new poker rooms while we can, and there are still a lot of undiscovered gems out there, full of recreational players!

In this article, DonkHunter presents to you four options for online poker rooms to play in this autumn that are still fresh and full of fish. Check it out.

JackPoker: New Brazilian Poker Room



+ South American player pool
+ good PLO5 games
+ accepts players from all countries
- games via web-browser
- no HUD

That’s a new Brazilian poker site, launched in 2021. It is at the moment full of casual newbies and you can play from anywhere in the world!

You would think that being JackPoker such a new poker room (barely 1-year-old), traffic would be quite low, but that is actually not the case. Once you log in to Jack Poker, you will see that you can find a few hundred players online, mostly in cash games.


JackPoker is a licensed poker website. Its gambling license was issued in Curaçao.

This certification assures players that JackPoker is legit and its software (especially the RNG) was tested and works properly.

So far, this poker room enjoys a good reputation with customers and poker players in general.

Cash Games on JackPoker

Most cash games on JackPoker are PLO, specifically, PLO5 (the classical variant is not much played here). Stakes go up to $ 10 and most tables are played by up to six players.

A great thing about PLO 5 is that this game has not been “solved” yet (humans and computers can’t calculate what’s the best move in every scenario), which means games are still very exciting and reward player skill instead of memorization and assistance tools that could ruin the game by always giving out the right answer to every situation.

At the moment, Heads-Up games are not available on JackPoker, as well as Sit & Go and Spins.

Jack Poker Tournaments

You can find MTTs with buy-ins starting at $1 and up to $ 200 on JackPoker. It is still a good MTT offer for a small poker room.


JackPoker does not have its own software or app for PC or mobile devices. Yup, you play on a web browser. The JackPoker client looks nice and runs without any lag or issues.


The fact that you can expect many games against Brazilian reg-fish here is the best thing about this room. JackPoker is a great poker room that balances the novelty factor, still mostly unknown by grinders, with decent traffic, especially if you play PLO 5.

ClubGG App: mobile-friendly platform with Private Clubs


+ good games on mid stakes
+ no geo-restrictions
+ HUD works with converter
- lack of spins and sit&go
- poor heads-up offer

Part of the massive brand that is GGPoker, the ClubGG App is a mobile-friendly platform for online poker games. It was created in 2021 by NSUS limited for the currently largest online poker network in the world, the GGNetwork.

Technically, it is a play-money app. However, just like other social poker applications or some popular Chinese apps, like PPPoker or PokerBros, you can use the help of an agent to play in a Private Club that trades your chips for real money and vice-versa, therefore the ClubGG App can be used to run real money games.

One of the advantages of the ClubGG App is, if you find the right Clubs, you can find a lot of games and recreational players. This, combined with the fact that HUD works with a converter on ClubGG, makes this poker room perfect for grinding, especially on mid-stakes cash games, as you will see.

Private Poker Clubs on ClubGG

 Just like other Poker Apps based on private clubs, your experience on ClubGG will be largely determined by the poker clubs you play on. Each club has its own chips, promotions, and pool of players: some full of regulars, others populated by more casual players - obviously we focus on the latter: poker clubs with soft competition.

Contact us to get a Private Poker Club ID and start playing. We will talk to you first to offer you some suggestions about the best ClubGG Poker Clubs for you: what types of games and stakes you play, and so on.

Once you have the ID you can send a request and your username, soon enough you will be approved and you can already start playing. This works regardless of your country of residence since ClubGG has no geo-restrictions (banned countries).

Games on ClubGG

Available games and traffic vary depending on the Club you play. Since it is perfectly legit to be part of multiple Clubs, it is almost guaranteed that you will find traffic 24/7 on ClubGG.

The Clubs we have access to and recommend have Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Six Plus Games, some with low stakes and most of them on mid-stakes, but there are high-stakes games available as well, usually up to NLH/PLO 400. 


What you will not find on ClubGG App, at least for the moment, is Sit & Go or Spins. The Heads-Up offer is quite poor here, as well as tournaments - we found only a few that go up to $ 25 buy-in.


ClubGG is a great choice for cash games players and it distinguishes itself in that you can use HUD with a converter here. We believe you will have a good time grinding here and playing against a mostly recreational player pool.

Action Cardz: U.S.-friendly online poker room

Action Cardz

+ Accepts players from all countries
+ American player pool
- lack of Sit & Go and Spins
- games via web browser
- poor MTT offer
- lack of sit&go and spins

Action Cardz is an underground U.S. poker room. Remember the old Big Dog Poker, or have you played on Kings Club Poker? If so, Action Cardz will be very familiar to you. It launched in 2020 and uses the Poker Mavens platform, developed by Briggs Softworks.

 We must tell you upfront, Action Cardz is not licensed: is a Private poker room where you can play against weak American players. It has this big plus, but also some minuses. Still, we believe Action Cardz is totally worth it.

Play on Action Cardz against weak U.S. players

Action Cardz focuses its marketing on the United States and that’s where most of its player base comes from. Since it is an underground, unlicensed, private poker room, most people here are not pros. In fact, most players on Action Cardz are pretty bad, which is exactly what we look for in any poker room: lots and lots of fish.

This poker site accepts players from all countries, however, it is not as straightforward to access Action Cardz from outside America. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here for :) Talk to us and we’ll show you how.

Games and Traffic on Action Cardz 

 We found about 100 online players during peak hours, on games like the staples NLHE and PLO, with a few rare variants like Omaha Hi/Lo. There are plenty of tables for 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9-max players. Sit & Go and Spins are absent.

Cash games are the focus of Action Cardz, tournaments are available with buy-ins of up to $ 55.


 By far the biggest inconvenience of Action Cardz is that it runs on web browsers, and to be honest it doesn't look very nice. In fact, it looks like it was made 10-20 years ago. If the lackluster design bothers you, maybe Action Cardz is not for you.

Also, if you like Sit & Go or Spins, you will want to skip Action Cardz, since it doesn't have any games in those formats. The MTT offer is also very limited. Action Cardz is better enjoyed if you play cash games.

Traffic is also understandably small since this is a relatively unknown, underground poker room.

Finally, the fact that this poker room is unlicensed should also be made clear. However, we would never recommend you anything that looks like a scam, and if anything shady comes up we will tell you immediately, as always.


 Action Cardz does have some barriers to entry, so you must see if the pros outweigh the cons for you. Definitely, it is not the best choice for tournament players.

We believe Action Cardz is a good choice for those that think profitable games against weak players are worth the bother of an ugly web browser client and the fact that it is not so simple to access from outside America, but with our assistance, we believe you won't have any problems.