Ontario becomes a regulated online poker market

Online poker rooms and all other online casinos in Ontario are not permitted to share player pools with other countries or regions. In other words, Ontario's poker community is isolated from the rest of the globe. That includes the rest of Canada, as prior to the regulations, poker players in Ontario could compete against players from the rest of the nation and the majority of the world on any online poker site they choose (the United States a glaring exception). They are now limited to playing at online tables with only Ontario-based players because those are the only users the regulated sites will accept.

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Ontario becoming a regulated, closed market in online poker, it's a two-edged sword. Many poker players originally advocated for governments to remain out of the situation and for the online poker industry to act as its own police force. But these days, many players view regulation as beneficial because it gives consumers protection and establishes the sector as "legitimate." However, Ontario poker players will pay a price for it in the form of decreased player traffic, a smaller assortment of games, and smaller tournament prize pools.

The WSOP.ca website, the company's first big foray outside of the United States, is the most recent online poker operator to open its licensed site in Ontario. It's interesting to note that while WSOP uses the 888poker platform in the US, it employs GGPoker in Ontario. The "international" edition of the WSOP Online is available on GGPoker outside of the US, which may not come as a surprise given that GGPoker and the World Series of Poker are partners.

Players from Ontario who have been using GGPoker will no longer be permitted to do so and must switch over to WSOP.ca.

The last of what may be referred to as the "big" poker sites to launch in the regulated Ontario market is WSOP.ca. At some point, the iPoker Network, another well-known brand, will also debut in Ontario. Playtech, the parent business, stated that it would do it this summer.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) and GGPoker Network have announced the opening of WSOP in order to better serve Canadian players.

According to local laws, the poker site will have a pool of local poker players, therefore GGPoker will merely serve as the platform; players won't have access to its sizable worldwide pool and will instead only play against fellow WSOP.ca poker players. However, with assistance from the biggest poker room in the world, WSOP in Ontario is off to a solid start.

Ontario residents who previously played poker online at GGPoker can now switch their accounts over to WSOP.ca by logging into their GGPoker accounts and following the on-screen instructions. It takes only a few minutes and is simple. Any T$, C$, and loyalty points will roll over at the conclusion, and any remaining account balances will be immediately converted to C$.

The new WSOP.ca poker site is only accessible to players who are residents of Ontario.

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