Poker Club Game - PRO player simulator, announced for 2020

This new poker game for PC, PlayStation, XBox and Nintendo Switch promises and immersive and social experience, with potential to attract a huge number of new players to the online poker tables.

Poker Club Game - PRO player simulator, announced for 2020 image

Poker Club Game - PRO player simulator, announced for 2020

To be released by the end of this year, Poker Club Game is a multi-player professional poker simulator game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

This is an interesting prospect for online poker players because of its potential to attract a great number of new players. So far, poker in video games has always been something of a side quest to get in-game currency or points. What this game promises, however, is something totally different.

In Poker Club, the emphasis will be on the social aspect of the game, as it was conceived to work as a social experience. Players can create clubs and team up with friends across multiple platforms to pursue team goals, level up the club and unlock special rewards. There is also going to be customisable gear and events that are specific to the club meaning this will be the best way to play - connected to other players from all over the world. As video games nowadays have a growing focus on the multiplayer and "social network" aspect, this feature is in-line with the growing trends of the industry and takes advantage of this to hook and motivate players to keep playing and playing together. This also allows veteran players to run private clubs and cash games.

Another fundamental aspect of Poker Club Game is the immersion. It will take full advantage of the graphics and visuals that the next generation of video games allow and use it for a first person point of view and cinematographic angles to convey the feeling of sitting in a real poker table. The gameplay will take place across multiple environments, from small and dirty basements to glamorous casinos and world-wide televised tournaments, simulating the career growth of a real life pro poker player. All of this without the need of buying expensive separate VR (virtual reality) equipment.

The interesting side of all this for us, online poker players, even those who are not into video games, is that it has immense potential to bring many new players to our already known online poker rooms, as well as being another possible platform to play poker. That means more traffic and fish on the tables. Veteran players can only benefit from this new spike of interest in poker, specially online poker, and the new possibilities that Poker Club Game can bring to the table.