PokerBros implements a new Anti-Bot function in games

In the ongoing fight for fair games and against bots in poker rooms, PokerBros takes a new interesting step by implementing a function that randomly requires players to do a simple image fixing test in 15 seconds, therefore it constantly requires a human being online - failing the task can get you kicked out of the game. Will it work? Read the full article to know more.

PokerBros implements a new Anti-Bot function in games image

PokerBros is a poker app that works similarly to other Chinese apps, with a functional and intuitive interface. Basically, PokerBros is play money app: it uses virtual coins in their games, each coin is exclusive to a Club and they have values attributed to them by the owners of the Club. The virtual coins however are negotiated in real money with the Clubs and that way players can use a play money app for real money games. If you want to find out more about the best PokerBros clubs we have a complete review prepared for you. 


+ Shortdeck games
+ low level players
+ many games
- no HU
- low number of clubs

PokerBros Anti-Bot Feature

The task is simple for any human being: when a picture pops up, you have 15 seconds to align it horizontally by dragging a slider. If you fail three attempts you will be removed from the game and impeded from joining the same table again. You will have to do this every time you try to seat in a table with this option turned on: it can be turned on or off in the menu when the player chooses to "Create a New Table". It will also appear randomly during the game in ring games and MTTs - but in the case of MTTs you will not be kicked off the game, but PokerBros' Game Integrity team will be alerted to investigate.

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