Qualifiers for Bovada Million Dollar Event already running

Bovada Million Dollar Event stars on Oct 4 and you can already win your ticket to play for the million dollar guaranteed prize

Qualifiers for Bovada Million Dollar Event already running image

Qualifiers for Bovada Million Dollar Event already running

October marks the new iteration of Bovada's Million Dollar Event and, as the name implies, there is a seven digit guaranteed prize pool that you can try and win your share. However, if you do not want to spend $535 for a buy-in you can try to qualify playing at the satellite tournaments that are already going on. If you do not win a full ticket, you can at least win a nice discount. Since the tournament only starts on October 4, there is more than enough time for playing the qualifiers, that are running daily for buy-ins as cheap as $1.10. 

  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus 500$

+ the biggest poker network for USA players
+ soft field on heads-up games
+ big tourneys
- anonymous tables, no hands tracking allowed
- no more than NL400 when it comes to heads-up

About Bovada

It is a spin off of Bodog Poker and one of the most played poker rooms in the US since it is legal in almost every state. There are other reasons to give Bovada Poker a try: it features an interface that is smooth, and easy to use and it runs fast. The site also has an intuitive mobile feature, something that is growing in popularity nowadays, allowing players to enjoy their poker games on their smartphones, tablets, or similar devices, as more and more players want the ease of just reaching to their phones on their pockets and playing anytime, anywhere.

Bovada Poker also features anonymous tables: every time you sit to play, you will start "clean": no more worrying about opponents tracking you, learning about your play style, and getting the upper hand on you before the game even begins. This way all players can be sure to have a fair game without knowing beforehand anything about their opponents and getting a strategic advantage by the use of tracking tactics.

If you are the type to get bored while waiting for the other players at the table to finish out a hand after you fold, you should try Zone Poker. When you fold at a Zone Poker table you are automatically transferred to a new table and with a new hand. This way, you cut the waiting time. You can even enter a second Zone Poker table and play two tables at once! Also known as Zoom Poker or other similar names in other poker rooms.

Other features of Bovada's poker room are options for table customization, hand history review, all-in percentage, and a "rabbit cam" that allows you to see what the next card would have been after you fold.

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