Run It Once closes, withdraw your money until Apr 3rd

Run It Once, the online poker room founded by Phil Galfond was shut down, but with intentions of moving to the U.S. Market. Games are not running, but players still have time to withdraw their money. Read the full article to know more.

Run It Once closes, withdraw your money until Apr 3rd image

Run It Once online poker room shuts down

A few weeks ago, the notorious online poker room founded by pro player Phil Galfond was shut down definitively.

The reasons that led to it were detailed by Phil Galfond itself in his blog post called "Running It Again", on the official website of Run It Once, which is still active, although with a warning that games have stopped. A small Twitter notice also announces that the poker room is closing and a link to the complete post.

“With traffic having dwindled below pre-pandemic levels after all of the progress we’d made, it became clear to me that we weren’t going to break through and reach the volume we needed to, just by completing our platform and doing a bit more marketing", wrote Galfond in his blog post.

Run It Once plans for the future

According to Phil Galfond himself, this is not the end of the line for Run It Once.

“I'm holding back some of the finer details for the time being (I'll have more to share in the next few months!), but the bottom line is this: Run It Once Poker is now headed down a path to enter the legal & regulated US market” he also wrote, adding that “this has been a dream of mine since well before we first launched. I didn’t initially think it would be an option for us for another half-decade, so I’m very excited to be on our way to achieving it!”.

So far, we haven't heard any updates about it.

Another issue is that Run It Once never accepted players from the U.S. and by the U.S. market laws and regulations as they are now, European players wouldn't be accepted in this new poker room either. So, for anyone who was playing on Run It Once, this wouldn't make a difference, as they wouldn't be able to play on the new poker site. Players from the U.S., however, have something to look forward to, as the idea of Run It Once has always been to make it from the players perspective and Phil seem to have learned a lot from his past experiences with his last online poker room, especially from the software development side of things, as his post detailed.

Withdraw your money before April 3rd

Players living in the U.K. have until April 3rd to withdraw their money. After that, it will be donated to charity. Players from other countries should withdraw their money as soon as possible because the time limit for doing so is unsure. Player rewards will be paid out, including the deposit bonus, even if not completed, as well as Leaderboards and other rewards.