Suprema Poker: New Brazilian Mobile Poker App

Learn more about Suprema Poker, a new mobile poker app that offers great NLHE, Omaha, and Short Deck real money cash games against Brazilian players.

Suprema Poker: New Brazilian Mobile Poker App image

Suprema Poker

+ good heads-up offer
+ games against Brazilian players
+ high stakes action
- poor MTT offer

Suprema Poker was launched as a response to some Brazilian PPPoker clubs that have been closed not that long time ago and the way this mobile poker app works is quite similar to PPPoker. It is available for Android, iOS, and PC and it accepts players from all countries, but you'll be mostly against players living in Brazil. For this reason, peak hours correspond to the evenings in Brazil (CET-6). 

If you're familiar with PPPoker or other club-based applications, you'll find Suprema Poker to look and function almost the same way. To get started, you'll need to join one of the many private clubs and purchase some Suprema Coins - a play money currency, but with the help of DonkHunter, you can exchange them for real money. We can also help you find the best Suprema Poker Clubs to play at - where you'll find the softest games and the most traffic. Look forward to a complete article about the best Suprema Poker Clubs in the near future!

We recommend Suprema Poker to all NLHE, PLO, and Short Deck players looking for some fresh blood and fish that are always present in a new online poker app - since it's quite new, grinders mostly haven't found about it yet, so it's a great time to jump in and give it a try! We recommend it, especially to those looking for excellent Heads-Up NLH and PLO games from mid to high stakes - Suprema Poker has some great action in those. Wait no longer, check out our complete review or contact us to register and join the best Suprema Poker Clubs!

Don't have a Suprema Poker player account yet?

If you want to enjoy these excellent games or know more, we have a full article with our Suprema Poker review, including sign up, traffic, game types, stakes, and other information.

Main advantages of our offer:

  1. An attractive Rakeback deal on Suprema Poker
  2. Quick and responsive customer support
  3. Personal advice by the DonkHunter Team of experts and Suprema Poker players