The best e-Wallets for online poker

No matter what you prefer: cash games, MTT, Spin&Go or anything else, there have to be many important factors behind your choice. But have you ever think that payment method for poker transactions is another significant question to consider?

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Try to make a checklist for yourself. Probably, the perfect payment solution has to:

  • be accepted at all major poker rooms;
  • process poker deposits and cashouts fast and without fees;
  • guarantee safety and security of funds;
  • offer many ways to upload and withdraw funds;
  • be handy and easy to use.

Many professional poker players have chosen Skrill, NETELLER, and EcoPayz e-Wallets for
making online transactions because they have all the above-mentioned advantages and
even more. Read on and see for yourself.



All wallets are known in the digital payments market since time immemorial. NETELLER (1999),
EcoPayz (2000) and Skrill (2001) were pioneers in gambling-oriented online transactions.
They’ve been the only alternative to bank cards for a long time.

Today, millions of players worldwide use them for making instant deposits and cashing out
winnings from online poker rooms, casinos, bookmakers, etc.

Uploads and withdrawals

There are different options available for depositing funds to these e-Wallets: credit/debit card,
bank transfer, bitcoin, mobile payment, and several local methods which depend on your
country of residence.

Withdrawals can be processed to Visa (only for Skrill) and bank accounts.

Customers from EEA countries can apply for prepaid Mastercard linked to e-Wallet balance.
It allows paying for goods and services, as well as withdrawing cash via ATMs. Instant virtual
card for online payments is also available.


Convenience of poker transactions

Multi-rooming is one of the trends of modern online poker. After PokerStars implemented an
infamous 4 table restriction for cash games, many regulars decided to play at several rooms
simultaneously. Also, it’s very common to include tournaments from different poker networks
in a single session for MTT players.

With Skrill, NETELLER, and EcoPayz it’s very convenient to move money between different
rooms. Deposits are instant and involve no fees. Withdrawals are usually processed within a
few hours and also free of charge.


Commissions and fees

The most interesting part is that you can reduce or even remove major fees thanks to the
VIP programs. There’s no rocket science: the more deposits you make to poker rooms or
other merchants, the higher your VIP status. Let's see how we can make the offer even more

Skrill and NETELLER

Deposit requirements may look not easy to some of you, but with the help of our friends from
VipDeposits they will be several times lower. Take a look at the benefits of the most popular
Skrill status:

At NETELLER you can obtain an exclusive Vip Bronze Pro status without any deposits:

If you decide to take advantage of our exclusive offer, additional benefits would be

  • account verification within 24 hours (instead of 5-7 days);
  • dedicated customer support.

Already interested?


Ecopayz is another e-Wallet to consider. Currently, it is accepted at a smaller amount of online
poker rooms, but the situation is constantly improving.

To get more features, open your EcoPayz account with DonkHunter and get Gold Status
right after verification.Check out some of the advantages of your Gold status account: 

Which e-Wallet to choose?

It is completely up to you. These wallets are similar in many aspects, but we’ll try to give you
some sort of advice.

Historically, Skrill is mostly used by poker players, while NETELLER and EcoPayz are
preferred by sports bettors. Despite this, all of them are accepted at poker and betting

If you are going to become VIP (see above), Skrill may look like a better option. But at
NETELLER and EcoPayz you can get VIP status without any deposit requirements and
apply for a free prepaid card. So there will be no need to withdraw money from e-Wallet
balance - simply spend them online and offline without any fees everywhere Mastercard is

And don’t forget: the less you lose on fees, the higher your EV!

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