The Excellent Habits of Being a Poker Pro

We will talk about professionalization in poker and how it can be achieved in a systematic way as in other professions, be it mathematician, lawyer, accountant, psychologist, doctor, or any other activity that involves mental, emotional, and physical effort, where it is vital to seek excellence.

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Being a poker pro is the dream of most recreational players who are passionate about the sport of the mind. Turning a hobby into the main source of income and achieving financial freedom, however, is for only 5% of practitioners.

Acting in the state of excellence comes with the practice of preparing with total focus, avoiding distractions, worries, and any other activity that takes your concentration to practice poker. Knowing what is necessary for the full execution of your actions during a session will help you create the habits of excellence.

How do habits arise in Poker?

Habits arise as a way for our brain to save effort in its mental activity. They work through triggers creating new neural connections that are established by repetitive acts of a routine that will bring a reward.

Being rewarded in poker is playing most games well and achieving positive results in the long run by doing ordinary things when you start your session.

Practicing poker well comes with mastering knowledge, which will lead to excellence, and for such a habit to occur, logic is necessary to deal with tilts, discipline in continuing to study your game, planning periods in which the game will be played, and time for the analysis of the results obtained. That is, continually learn.

The habit of learning in Poker

Learning within poker is something in constant motion, so there is always something to develop, and playing well will only come from the discipline of understanding how you can form new habits in your game.

Continuously improving drains your energy by having to absorb new information with each game played and especially understanding what mistakes were made in that session when you fell into the bubble of a big tournament.

To get into the habit of learning, there is a simple guide for beginners:

Preparation - Create a peaceful and poker-friendly environment, determine how long you will play, and write down all your concerns and needs so you don't lose focus on what you're doing at the moment;

Performance - Having a sense of where you should play limits the chance of losing, that is, as a beginner, don't try your luck at very high stakes at the beginning of your journey;

Results - Always write down new things about your game and especially that moment when you thought you were cursed by the Poker Gods, in the long run, you will achieve a clear idea of how the game works and that luck is the least of its factors;

Evaluation - From your results, you can evaluate how your emotional state influenced the poker session. Understanding how you yourself harmed your game will take you one step further in creating a learning habit and consequent excellence;

Analysis - With all of the above gathered, review how the tough decisions you've made while playing have influenced you, review areas you need to improve and create notes on the hands played.

Over time, learning becomes a habit and all this initial effort becomes effortless. The muscle of Poker is a combination of several factors and the discipline to follow a script when playing and not be carried away only by the reward of victory. This will bring those who want to be professionals a state of excellence.

The importance of purpose for the state of excellence in Poker

To be professional, regardless of the area, is to act with competence. Making the best of what you have at the moment, whether you're a professional poker player, regular, recreational, or beginner poker player, is the only way to improve.

One of the best things about playing poker is that people don't need to have college degrees, a huge financial capacity, or even read a lot about the sport, but it is necessary to have a purpose at that moment to win your opponent's chips.

Poker is democratic but it doesn't accept mistakes, you will always play with the conditions of each hand but you will never defeat the logic of the game. it is of the utmost importance to keep studying the game continuously.

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Understand that being a poker pro is not something extraordinary but a goal that must be constantly analyzed and modified. Making a living from poker comes with the repetitive and ordinary acts of everyday life, playing, studying, and especially reading DonkHunter. Here you will find tips on how to achieve excellence, and create discipline by investing your leisure or work time necessary to improve your game, as well as the best poker rooms and offers for you.