What is PVI system on GG Network?

GG network players must have heard the term PVI at least once. Yet, much to our surprise, you will have troubles finding any information on this subject on the websites belonging to the GG network. In this article we will try to shed some light on PVI, an abbreviation that means Player Value Indicator. The idea behind this indicator on GGPoker is to give beginners and recreational players more rake benefits than regular players.

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What is PVI on GG Network?

The following rooms of GGNetwork: GGpoker, BetKings and Natural8 assign each player a PVI in the range of 0-2. For the recreational online poker player who likes to play a few hands from time to time and who is not yet a winning player, the PVI should be close to 2, while for winning players it should be below 1. This coefficient is then multiplied by the amount of rake generated. 'at. In fact, this means that more than one poker tracker may indicate that you have given away $ 1,000 in rake, and in your partner's rake feedback, you may hear that it was slightly, or in the worst cases, a lot less.

Each new account is assigned a PVI of 2, but this may change with time.

In which games does GG use PVI?

The PVI indicator is used on all standard cash game tables - Texas Holdem, Shortdeck Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) as well as Rush & Cash (Fast-Fold Poker) tables. and All-In or Fold (AoF). Unfortunately, it is not released to the public how exactly the PVI is calculated for an individual player. However, we know that the player's PVI can change after each session as well as during it.


  • Rakeback 60%+
  • Deposit bonus $600

+ immense cashback
+ many monthly promotions
+ big traffic on all stakes
- no HUD
- lack of HU

Factors that can affect a player's PVI include:

Behavior during play / number of tables
Behavior when placing bets
Deposits and withdrawals

It is worth noting that a negative PVI significantly affects the speed of collecting points in the popular Fish Buffet promotion.

Is the PVI in the GG network fair?

It is not good when only a part of the commission affects the achieved rakeback. On the other hand, the pool of players in all skins of the GG network is more friendly to beginners and recreational players, which makes them decide to stay around longer. However, what arouses the greatest emotions about PVI is the lack of transparency in the way it is calculated. We are not going to judge whether this is fair, but we do recognize that there are arguments against the PVI.