WPN introduces new feature to fight off poker bots

Since their newest update earlier this month, all WPN poker rooms (Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerKing, Ya Poker) will have a system to detect when players are running prohibited software while playing. This is part of an attempt to provide a fair and safe game for customers. Will it work? Read the full article to know more.

WPN introduces new feature to fight off poker bots image

Winning Poker Network's new feature to fight off poker bots

Winning Poker Network
  • Rakeback up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus 1000$

+ good traffic on all stakes
+ a lot of promotions
+ plenty of americans player
- peak hours corresponds with nights in Europe (UTC +8:00)
- many regular players

Winning Poker Network (WPN) is a huge network that holds games for American players. Their rooms offer huge fields for tournaments, great action on cash games, and games that go up to $ 5000. You can even find HU PLO action up to NL200.

Part of their terms and conditions include prohibited software, with various names listed, but generally prohibited is software that can: automatically play (without any human intervention), search for tables based on set criteria, RTA (real-time assistance), and hand strength calculators. On their latest update, "fight bots" were implemented and are allegedly able to detect when a player is using any illegal programs while in the room. This attempts to solve a huge controversy regarding the use of RTAs and other assistance software in poker and maintain a fair environment where players can play against other human players, not machines. Other operators such as GGNetwork are taking measures against bots as well.

However, will this be enough to prevent such cheating devices? While it could potentially stop many cheaters, more sophisticated setups can simply use two computers: one for playing in the poker room, another for the assistance tools. There is also a risk that innocent players might be targeted and receive unpleasant letters, so be sure to double-check WPN's terms and conditions to confirm that you are not using any programs that are considered illegal or unfair by the poker room. Let's wait and see the result of this WPN's attempt to prevent cheating in online poker.

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