$1 million Prize won at GGPoker Bounty Jackpot

A Jackpot Prize of $1,000,012.50 was won this week on GGPoker Bounty Jackpots in a $54 PKO tournament, by the aptly-named player "SonOfRichDad". This might be the largest jackpot prize ever! Read the full article to know more.

$1 million Prize won at GGPoker Bounty Jackpot image

This week at GGPoker, a player with a very suitable screenname earned seven figures right away in a $54 PKO tournament.

The intriguing new Bounty Jackpot variant from GGPoker combines elements of Mystery Bounty, Spin & Go, Bad Beat Jackpot, and PKO. Bounty Jackpot competitions are conventional PKOs, but a percentage of each knockout is subtracted from the tournament and put into a Bounty Jackpot pool separate from the tournament you are playing.

In 100 knockouts, one results in a Bounty Jackpot payout. The award will be 0.6% of the current Bounty Jackpot pool 75% of the time, while the jackpot itself, which can be worth up to $1 million, will only happen 1 in 50,000 times.

The first $1 million Bounty Jackpot was quickly won in a $54 PKO tournament this week.

SonOfRichDad, who has a great moniker, busted fellow player Tokyo90 for a $12.50 bounty, and then it happened.

The probability of winning that particular jackpot is 42,632/100,000,000, which is extremely low. Due to the fact that it was technically $1,000,012.50 and since the previous largest bounties earned by Scott Ball online and Matt Glantz live were $1 million each, it may actually be the largest bounty ever granted in poker history.

Given that the Bounty Hunter series is currently underway, it's a good time to play in Bounty Jackpots at GGPoker. For buy-ins over $50 and for any buy-in below that, the top jackpot is $1 million and $100,000, respectively.

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