WPN hidden names, iPoker built-in HUD and more April 2021 news

We are back with our top news in one place segment. There were some major changes among poker rooms in the past month, including some of the main networks: GG, iPoker, Winning Poker Network and others. Read the full article to know more.

WPN hidden names, iPoker built-in HUD and more April 2021 news image

April 2021 Online Poker News Summary

You will find below highlights and some of the most important changes that took place last month in the biggest online poker rooms and networks, including: Chico Poker Network, Winning Poker Network, GG Network, iPoker Network and PokerBros. 

  • Rakeback up to 65%
  • Deposit bonus 2000 $

No more table selection on WPN 

WPN stops with allowing players to find the weakest enemies, hiding the players' names at tables. It’s a knock-down for all regs on this room. Can we expect the games to loosen up a bit? We will see! 

Chico freezes deals with affiliates. DonkHunter still in the game!

On April 2021, Chico has announced that it is finished with their old business model where they were supporting and working with every poker affiliate on the market. They ceased cooperation with every agent, effective immediately, and only a few remaining managed to negotiate the new deal. 

We are pleased to announce that one of the agents that is still in game for your extra rakeback on Chico is DonkHunter

Bestpoker STOPPED
  • Rakeback up to 35%
  • Deposit bonus 2000€
iPoker Network Bult-in HUD

Players of the iPoker Network now have access to a built-in HUD. To Activate Player HUD (or deactivate), just access the latest updated version of the software and go to Settings in the "My Account" area.

The HUD displays: number of hands the player has won or lost in a row, the percentage of flop seen and post flop aggression frequency. 

PokerBros Introduces All in or Fold Tournaments

The All in or Fold variant is now available at PokerBros for club creators and managers to create games and tournaments. Tournaments go much quicker and a strategic component of the game is maintained as all hands are reduced to the single most crucial choice: to either fold the hand or go all in.

  • Rakeback up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus 600$
6-max spins on GGpoker

GGPoker rearranged their Spin structure introducing new format 6-max Spin. Those have greater length and prizes. This one came with the last update of the month, on April 30, currently at $1, $10, and $100 stakes with a minimum multiplier of x4 and maximum x 200,000.