Most recommended and new poker rooms in 2021

The year 2021 sure will be a big year for online poker. Players will have a load of opportunities for some extra money. Due to this fact, we want to give you selected the best poker rooms in 2021, divided by categories such as highest rakeback, and traffic. Read the full article to find out more.

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For an updated version, check out our best online poker sites article.

A new year always brings new opportunities for some extra money. That's why to celebrate the New Year together with you, we had decided to select the best new poker rooms in 2021. We had chosen poker rooms where you will find the highest rakeback and best cash games as well as MTT in 2021.


The best new poker rooms 2021

Dollaro (DBG Poker)
  • Rakeback Individually granted
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ converter available
+ the easiest HS games
+ italian market
- games only in browser

Dollaro is an Italian poker room that is certainly recognized among players. The games are possible only through a browser which does not make grinding easier. Therefore, you can expect to meet more recreational players rather than regs. The poker room is known for its low level of games. We have added this room to our offer less than a month ago but Dollaro already gained some popularity amongst our players. Traffic is the highest during Italian nights. Cash games start from nl10 up to nl500., such as Dollaro is the other Italian poker room, one of the old-timers of the online poker industry belonging to 888 Poker Network. You can meet Italian fish which are known for their loose-aggressive play. Rest assured, playing against them is the simplest way to increase your win rate. On, traffic is decent and focused mainly at 6-max and 9-max tables. The room offers stakes up to NL1000 and PLO1000. The OG version thou is 888poker where you can also find excellent promos and lots of fish.

Poxi poker appeared on the market at the end of 2020and since the beginning had great potential to stay longer in our offer. At the moment, it may be the best new Israeli poker room in 2021. The room offers action on mid and high stakes on 6 max as well as heads up. The rush hours correspond with Israeli nights (UTC+2).

Poxipoker lobby

The highest rakeback poker rooms 2021

  • Rakeback up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus 600$

+ high cashback
+ big deposit bonus
+ Asian players at all rates
- no SNG
- PVI system

Pokerking, one of the skins of Winning Poker Network offers their players payment via Bitcoin and focused on American traffic. If you are looking for places that offer high traffic, action on all stakes, and a load of tables 6max, and 9 max, you don't have to look any further. Apart from good traffic, the room offers a lucrative VIP program cashback of up to 60%. If you have ever had an account there, you can try your hands on the other WPN skins such as Americas Cardroom and BlackChip Poker.

Betkings is a part of one of the most popular networks - GGNetwork. The poker room provides a high first deposit bonus and high Rakeback from their VIP program called Fish Buffet which you can read more about in our article. As in the case of Pokerking, games are focused on 6max and 9max tables. You will find dozens of tables across all stakes. The level of games is weak and action runs 24 hours per 7 days a week but the highest traffic corresponds with Asian nights (UTC +6)

Despite the fact that the Italian market is closed for players from outside Italy, in 2021 this direction is becoming more and more popular. Players are still looking for opportunities to play against weak Italian players. If you take a look at our offer you will see many Italian sites such as,,,,, or If you want to know more about Italian sites or if you are keen to find out how to start playing in some of the top Italian poker rooms in 2021 feel free to contact us


Pokerbros is one of the most popular Chinese apps that offer a lot of tables on all stakes. Action is good on cash games as well as MTT and SnG. To see a detailed analysis of PokerBros check our article “Why PokerBros is dominating the market?” The app is available only on mobile devices both Android and iOS. However, there is one way to play on your PC - you simply need to use a free-of-charge emulator. To play there on real money you have to find the agent that will add you to the club. Currencies may vary depending on the club but in-game players use chips. If you want to find out more about the best Chinese apps in 2021 contact us.

Bodog/Bovada are poker rooms with Asian and North American traffic where players stumble upon juicy games versus the local community. The rooms are a part of  PaiWangLuo Network, previously Ignition Network. This is a very similar case to the Italian market where you will come across a few obstacles to play from countries outside South America. The rooms have attractive MTT and HU offers. The peak hours correspond with nighttime in Europe. Bodog and Bovada provide a first deposit bonus and VIP cashback system that's why plenty of players are eager to play despite geo-restrictions.

Where to play cash games in 2021

When it comes to the best poker rooms for cash games in 2021 there are naturally quite a few more possibilities to include than we are going to present now. We narrow the choice down to options that might not be that obvious to you. Here we go:  

GG Network is a well-known and established brand good for beginners in 2021 that are looking for soft games with action 24/7. They provide lots of action across all the limits. 

Best poker rooms for MTT players in 2021

iPoker Network is the best place for players who are hunting for a poker room with good MTT action in 2021. On our website, you can choose between a few iPoker Network skins such as BestPoker, Bet-at-home, Bet365, Betfair, Guts Poker, Titan Poker, Winner Poker, and William Hill Poker. Should you be interested, we are here to help you with registration and with the MTT best poker room in 2021 choice.

Where are the best poker rooms for Sit and Go in 2021

If you play SnG and you are looking to explore new options, we recommend Unibet, a well-known brand based in Malta.  Sit and Go goes from 1€ up to 200€

Best alternatives for spins in 2021

One of the best poker room to play spins is Tigergaming. The room offers many promos and American traffic. Action is focused mainly on 6max and 9max games.