Bounty Hunter Series Ongoing on TigerGaming

Another week-long event extravaganza with low buy-ins, generous guarantees, and loads of knockout action is beginning today on TigerGaming and the Chico Poker Network (BetOnline, SportsBetting).

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The Bounty Hunter Series, which has 36 events scheduled overall and guarantees at least $160,000 within a single week, runs from August 22 to August 28. The series' grand finale, a $50,000 Main Event, is scheduled for Sunday, August 28, and will only cost $22 to enter.

All of the tournaments in the series are PKO events, as the name would imply, with 50% of each buy-in going into the prize pool and the remaining 50% being a bounty placed on the head of each player. Bounties increase as the tournament progresses because when you eliminate a player, you receive half of their bounty and the other half is added to the price on your own head.

The typical buy-in is $31, and the typical guarantee is $5,666. Buy-ins range from $5.5 to $215. Late registration is allowed during the first 90 minutes only.

Nightly Bounty Hunter Shootouts for $1,000

Additionally, players that complete at least one bounty in the Bounty Hunter Series events will have the opportunity to participate in a Shootout event each day.

Each All-In Shootout will bring together the day's top Bounty Hunters and offer them the chance to split $1,000. Your starting stack in these shootouts will be determined by the number of knockouts each day:

1-5 - 1 chip

6-10 - 3 chips

11-20 - 5 chips

10 chips for 21 or more knockouts.

A larger beginning stack increases one's chances of making it through the Bounty Hunters Shootout and increases the likelihood of taking home a piece of the $1,000 prize pool. Consequently, be sure to gather as many goodies as you can throughout the day.

Therefore, since they will have more opportunities to defeat opponents thanks to this promotion, players of cheaper events will be able to earn additional awards.

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