GGPoker announces the release of "Flip Tournaments" on October 30

Already known in other operators, in this type of tournament you always go all-in until a winner is left. However, GGPoker might add its own spin to it and perhaps make it more interesting to players besides the purely recreational ones.

GGPoker announces the release of

GGPoker announces the release of "Flip Tournaments" on October 30

As visible in GG Poker's public Trello roadmap board, where it updates information about developments and releases of their games and products, the Flip Touraments where moved from "in development" to "Next Release (Oct. 30)", after already postponing it once in September 10, where it had been announced to be released on October 1st. According to the same Trello board, this game's development started on February 19. But what are Flip Tournaments? 

  • Rakeback Up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus Up to $1000

+ big traffic on all stakes
+ big and well known poker network
+ a lot of big MTTs
- no HUD support
- PVI rake structure
- high rake

GGPoker's Flip Tournaments

Basically, it is a kind of poker tournaments where you are always all-in in every hand until there is a winner left. It removes all the decision, competitiveness and skill based aspects of the game, leaving it essentially up to luck. More information is yet to come, as the announcement so far simply says: "Our fast paced Flip tournament is coming soon! Fast games, Faster prizes!".

This goes in-line with the current trend of "fast games" and also shortens the skill gap between casual, recreational players and hardcore grinders. In this case, however, the skill gap was completely nullified. Does it still count as real poker games? Probably not. After all, what makes games real games and also fun to play is the meaningful decision making aspect, which should be more than just flipping a coin.

Some operators say those types of games, including in this category the spin games, are necessary to bring in new players to the poker room. Those games can generate rake and give even the most casual player a chance to win. In that way, they really ca be entertaining to certain types of customers - the ones that just want to play a luck game, not a skill game - and attract them. In reality, Flip Tournaments are more like a lottery then actual poker. Other operators already offer similar types of games, but GGPoker might put its own spin to it. Will it charge rake for it? Will there be nice prizes that make Flip Tournaments worth the time and money investment of the regular poker grinders? For the moment, we will just have to wait and see until more details are released.

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