GGPoker Ends Affilitate Relationship with Vanessa Kade

Three months after Vanessa Kade's public criticism of GGPoker signing partnership with "the King of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian and a prolonged, heated debate, GGPoker finally decided to oficially end its affiliate relationship with Vanessa. This didn't come unexpectedly, but the timing was considered somewhat ironic by some - right after the International Women's Day event. Read the full article to know more.

GGPoker Ends Affilitate Relationship with Vanessa Kade image

GGPoker and Vanessa Kade Affiliate Relationship uncerimoniously ended

The matter of Vanessa Kade criticism of GGPoker signing with Dan Bilzerian started and ended on social media. It was once again brought to the public after Vanessa posted a message she received when her affiliate relationship was ended by GG. She called GGPoker misogynist for their choosing of Bilzerian as an ambassador and their response to her criticism. 

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This time, GG didn't take three months to release its statement. In response to Vanessa's publication of said message, GGPoker publically addressed the case, justifying their decision in that it was a response to a violation of their affiliate terms and it wouldn't be fair to their other hundreds of affiliates that do follow the rules if they didn't do anything about the case. GGPoker also reaffirmed its commitment to bring fun and inclusive poker games to everyone.

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