GGPoker launches new format: Battle Royale

Battle Royale Poker is a new format that is a combination of two other very popular formats - Sit & Go and Progressive Knock Out (PKO). It's like a PKO tournament, but much faster. A new weekly $ 15 K Leaderboard for it has also been added. Read the full article to understand how it is played and more.

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Understand GGPoker New Format: Battle Royale Poker

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GGNetwork (GGPoker, Betkings, Natural8, SnailPoker) has recently launched its new Poker format, called Battle Royale Poker. It has also been added to the Leaderboards - Battle Royale has its own Leaderboard and features a weekly $ 15 K prize.

It starts with 100 players, then it proceeds to a second phase with 50 players and a third and final phase with the 10 remaining players. Each of the three phases is played in a different poker format.

The first phase is Rush, which is a fast-forward Poker (aka Zoom Poker) tournament. It ends when there are only 50 players left or when the time limit of 15 minutes is up, then the top 50 players (defined by chip stacks, players eliminated and total hands played) proceed to the next phase.

The second phase is Shootout. The remaining 50 players from the previous phase are divided in ten tables and play a 5-handed Shootout tournament. The winners of each table proceeds to the third and final phase. In case the time limit of 15 minutes is reached and there are 2 or more players left, it changes to a Flipout format (you don't play anymore, everyone is automatically All-in until there is a winner).

The third and last phase is the Final Table, with the 10 players left, in a classic MTT format and no more time limits. If you reached this phase you are already in the money, with an award based on your final position and a % of the total prize pool.

1st place - 21.13%
2nd place - 21.12%
3rd place - 14.47%
4th place - 11.37%
5th place - 8.95%
6th place - 7.03%
7th place - 5.52%
8th place - 4.34%
9th place - 3.40%
10th place - 2.67%

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