Poker in the Quarantine period

Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it, and it is no different for poker. Unlike most business, however, Poker Rooms are thriving in the quarantine caused by the virus and the games have never been better for those who know the way.

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If you live in planet earth, you have probably already heard of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, a virus that has rapidly changed the world we live in. At this point in time, we believe you are already very familiar with the virus, its symptoms, its effects and dangers.

Many of you are or have heard of the lockdowns governments are enforcing to prevent the spread of this disease and heard of all the business struggling to keep doors open. These kind of situation bring a lot of stress, but also a lot of opportunity for those who know where to look.

As poker players, we know how to push our advantage and if you have been playing online in the past few weeks, you probably noticed how easy games turned out to be recently. Apparently many people in quarantine are looking towards Poker Online for entertainment and the possibility of a big score.

We can now constantly find fish pushing their luck and simply gambling their chips away without much care or consideration. PokerStars is constantly displaying over 100.000 players online on WEEK DAYS.It’s a great time to be a poker player, probably the best in years, maybe decades.

There are many rooms who are seeing increased volume of fish, but we selected a few that should definitely be explored by Donkhunters. Without further due, here is our selection:

Chinese Poker Rooms


+ Shortdeck games
+ low level players
+ many games
- no HU
- low number of clubs

1.       PokerBros

PokerBros is an app that follows the Chinese poker room system of Clubs and Union. They offer Omaha, No limit Hold’em for both cash games and tournaments. The traffic in their app has grown immensely ever since the quarantine situation and is one of the primary choices for amateurs looking to have fun by gambling online. This focus on creating great experiences for amateurs is probably what got them to boom to hard in this period. With their current traffic and their beautiful app display, PokerBros is at the moment our favorite hunting spot. 


2.       PPPoker

PPPoker has been a major Chinese poker room for a long time, maybe the biggest and best until just recently. There is little difference between this and PokerBros, if anything PokerBros has a more modern look and better graphics. Apart from that, it comes down to preference, really.

Italian Poker Rooms

3. is not the biggest nor the most well-known Italian Poker Site, but it definitely offers the softest games. There is a lot of action on micros, low and mid stakes for both PLO and Hold’em, and quite a bit of action on High Stakes for Hold’em as well. It’s hard to go wrong with this room, it was great before coronavirus, now it’s great and bigger. You can get a lot of action, at least while the quarantine last. 

Poker Rooms Around the Globe

4.       ACR (Americas Cardroom)

America’s Cardroom is the favorite of many players, this room from the US has an impeccable reputation. For these reasons, there is a lot of action here on every stake, even on full ring tables and tournaments. The client is quite straightforward as well, you can’t go wrong with Americas Cardroom.

5.       GG Poker

GG Poker has great features, great fish, great traffic, great tournaments. The population here is surprisingly bad at poker, but yet there are players even for high stakes games. IT launched 6 years ago to focus on the Asian market, but since then it has grown immensely and currently it’s one of the best rooms in our offer. It has action for Omaha, Short-deck, Fast-Fold and even includes some All-in or Fold tables for the fun. 


888 is a consolidated brand at this point, over 15 years on the market. This room also offer almost every stake, has action on PLO and a lot of tournaments. They often have big tournament series and even freerolls. It’s quite simple to use, but not the most beautiful interface. The major selling point for 888 at this point is that it has grown exponentially since the Coronavirus and the traffic seem to have more than doubled recently, mostly with amateurs. It’s a great time to play at 888.

How long will this last?

It’s hard to say how long the quarantine will last, could be weeks or months, it definitely will have different timings for different countries, so we have to stay tuned on the new. Yet, even after the quarantine has been lifted and we are back to our normal lives, I believe many players will continue pursuing their new found passion for poker. 

Coronavirus probably changed the world of poker for years to come, but we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, we should focus on reaping the opportunity and make a lot of money ;)

Coronavirus, making poker great again.