PokerBros VIP cards are now 50% off (until Jan 14)

All PokerBros VIP cards have now a 50% discount. This promotion is valid from Jan 1 to Jan 14. With that, you get access to a lot of useful functions such as extended offline protection (for when your connection drops), auto time bank (automatically use your extra time with no need to click) and more. Read the full article to know more.

PokerBros VIP cards are now 50% off (until Jan 14) image

PokerBros is a poker app in the format of Chinese Poker rooms. If you know PPP Poker and like it, I'm sure you will like PokerBros even better. To sum it up, PokerBros offers you games to be played using virtual coins. These coins are exclusive to each Club and must be purchased within the Clubs. The Club owners attribute value to those coins, and that’s how to play for real money in a play money app. It has earned our recommendation among the Best Poker Rooms to play in 2021. We also have another article with our analysis of the Best PokerBros Clubs, with detailed information for each game type and stakes.

PokerBros VIP Features

From January 1st to 14th, 2021, you can secure a VIP level at PokerBros that lasts for the whole year for half the price. With that, you have access to cool features such as:

Extended offline protection:

When your connection drops, you have a little extra time to get back online and keep playing.

Auto time bank:

You don't need to click to use your extra time - it goes on automatically.

Unlimited Rabbit Hunting:

After you fold you can look at the cards that were to come.

And more: table themes, free emojis, club creation and player tags! If you're a PokerBros veteran or want to give it a try for the firts time, this is the perfect opportunity.

Don't Have a PokerBros Player Account Yet?

If you want to enjoy this excellent promotions and many others or know more, you can check out our full PokerBros room review, including sign up, promotions, game types, stakes, traffic and other useful information.