Poxi Poker Review - A Promising Israeli Poker Room

If you were looking to play against some Israeli players, look no further than Poxi Poker. Despite being a new poker room, which started operating almost at the end of 2020, it already has some nice action with a lot of full tables going on at the lower stakes and good traffic in the mid and high stakes as well. Read the full article to know more.

Poxi Poker Review - A Promising Israeli Poker Room image

Poxi Poker Review - A Promising Israeli Poker Room

This room is one of the few online poker sites where you can play against Israeli players. Action is already starting to quickly become intense in the low stakes and upwards, despite the room being only a few months old at the moment of writing this article. If you want to always be a step ahead and are interested in all the opportunities Poxi Poker can offer you, we have prepared for you a list of their key features below. 

Key features on Poxi Poker

Let's take a closer look at some Poxi Poker features

Poxi Poker Currency

The default currency is the not so common Israeli Shekel, however you can change it to Bictoin, that is is displayed in μBTC , 1 μ = 0,000 001 BTC (100 satoshi).

Table Settings

You have useful stuff like: using Fold as Fast Fold on rapid tables and auto-post blinds, which are both default. You also have auto muck card, auto ante, run it twice and a few others that you can check.

System Settings

This is where you can change the currency (μBTC or Israeli Shekel) and the language: English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Israeli.

Chat and Sound Settings

You can disable messages from other players, emoticons and pop-up messages. Really useful to help you focus on your game, as these things can distract you sometimes. This is also the idea behind their sound settings: you can turn on / off individual sounds for Call, Raise, Time Warning and so on, which means you can keep only the sounds important to you and turn off the useless, distracting ones.

Table Themes

There are a few options to customize the felt, the background and the deck.

Auto rebuy and auto buy-in

You can set to buy more chips as soon as you fall under a certain number (you can set this number) and that when you buy-in a table you automatically buy the equivalent of 2 BB or more (as much as you set).

Poxy Poker Games and Traffic

You can find up to a few hundreds of players online during peak time.

Game Types and Stakes

They have Hold'em and Omaha cash tables with the average pots mostly ranging between the equivalent of 40 to 80 USD.


Daily freeroll tournaments! Usually with one to two hundred players. Prizes range between the equivalent of 300 to 1 500 USD (the big Sunday freeroll).

Sit and Go Tournaments

Although with fewer players, there as SnG tournaments as well, buy-ins mostly within the equivalent of 15 to 30 USD and prizes mostly up to the equivalent of 300 USD.

Summary of the Poxi Poker Review

No need to download sounds catchy for amateur and occasional players. And that might be the case when it comes to Poxi Poker. The room has a great potential to grow and the software works smoothly. If you need any more details on the game itself, hit us up on Skype or WhatsApp.