Understand GGPoker's Cash Game Dollars

GGPokers promotions such as Daily Cash races will now be paid in cash game dollars (C$). They work similarly to the tournament dollars and can be used to pay buy-ins in cash games. The main difference for grinders is that they cannot be instantly turned into real money: they must be used to play games first. Read the full article to know more.

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GGpoker is a skin of the already well-known GG Network and it is available to many countries. GG Network is an Asian network that attracts a lot of amateurs from China and Korea. This network is full of different types of players - from passive limpers to really crazy careless Asians.

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GGPoker Cash Game Dollars - How It Works

Prizes such ad the daily cash races and other GGPoker promotions will now be paid in Cash Game Dollars (C$) and this is the only way they can be earned (if you win someone else's C$ they are paid to you in real money). They can't be instantly converted into real money, you must play games first. This will likely not affect casual players, but it is a big difference for grinders.

When you buy-in into a cash game, you can choose between using C$ or Cash balance (it is also possible to use both to pay the buy-in, for example, $ 50 from cash balance and C$ 50 to pay for a $ 100 buy-in), C$ will be used first. 1 C$ is worth 1 USD. Bets made in C$ will be returned in C$ when returned to the same player. C$ does not expire. It can only be used in cash games or All-in or Fold, but not for tournament buy-ins.

In addition to using Cash Dollars to play games and purchase bonuses, there is also the possibility of receiving refunds in Cash Dollars on GGpoker. This can occur in certain situations, such as when a player has made a deposit with a payment method that does not support withdrawals, or when a player is issued a refund as part of a promotion or bonus offer. In such cases, the player will receive the refunded amount in Cash Dollars, which can then be used to play on the site or to purchase bonuses. However, it is important to note that GGpoker has specific policies regarding refunds, and players should be aware of these policies before making any deposits on the site. 

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  • Deposit bonus $600

GGPoker cash refund for disconnection.

Another situation in which a player may receive a refund in Cash Dollars is when a disconnection occurs that is caused by GG network. In such cases, GGpoker may refund the player's bet and any related fees in Cash Dollars. This is known as a "server crash refund" and it is automatically issued to players when a disconnection occurs due to a network issue on GGpoker's end. The refunded amount is usually credited back to the player's account within a few minutes and can be used to play on the site or to purchase bonuses. However, it is important to note that server crash refunds are only issued for bets that were still in play at the time of the disconnection, and not for bets that had already been settled.

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If you want to enjoy these excellent features or know more, we have a full article with our GGPoker review, sign up, promotions as Fish Buffet, Leaderboards, deposit bonus, traffic, game types, stakes and other information. Registration problem resulting from your residence at GGpoker? Please contact DonkHunter.com support. We'll talk, advise, and find another option.

Is there a life after GGPoker?

 Yes. There is and DonkHunter can give you an idea of where to look for it. If for any reason you do not wish to play on GGpoker, there are plenty of other reputable online poker sites to choose from. When selecting an alternative place to play online poker, it is important to consider factors such as safety, reliability, and game selection. Look for sites that are licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities, as this can provide you with a greater level of security and peace of mind. Additionally, consider the types of games and tournaments that are offered, as well as the size of the player pool and the quality of the competition. We can help you with this research and share reviews from our players before making a decision on where to play.