Understanding Donkhunter

Curious to know everything about Donkhunter, its business model and their services? Wondering about how do we make money? Click here now and find it out!

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Understanding our business

Donkhunter the 5-year-old start up that takes poker players and poker experiences to another level.

We are a multicultural business with extensive market experience and over 4 million dollars paid out to over 1500 poker players!

Here our goal is to facilitate your life as a poker player, providing you with all the information to make the best decisions for your career, plus, signing up with us returns you more money from collected rake.

We help you find the best rooms to play, help you join them and we negotiate the best deals and bonuses for you, and all of this is free-of-charge.

Ok, so how do you guys make money?

You may be asking now, “Ok, so how do you guys make money?”. Well, it’s simple enough, we negotiate the best deals in diverse poker rooms to offer to players, and we get paid for the amount of rake collected after the player joins the room.

“Do I really get the best deal?”

Ok, so how do you know that you have the best deal and that we are not offering you some crappy room just to collect cash?

Well, it’s in our best interest that you have a good experience there. If you don’t enjoy the room, you won’t play there and won’t collect any rake, therefore, we don’t make any money.

On the other hand, if you have a great experience there, you will continue and we will profit. It’s a win-win system, something we strongly believe in here.

We make money together, but in our mind, you make most of the work and it is only fair you receive a big chunk of what we get.

So we came up with a reward system that returns to you part of what we made together with you. By using your services, not only you enjoy the rakeback deal, the deposit bonus, but also significant additional rewards given by us.

What are those additional rewards and how do I earn Donk Coins?

Additional rewards come in form of Donk Coins, our website currency! 1 Donk Coin is worth $0,01. You can use it in many different ways, check out the "About Us" section for more information on that.

To earn Donk Coins there are only 3 ways: 1. Earn them by playing under our tag in any poker room in our offer; 2. Join our monthly Challege and earn Donk Coins if you win; 3. Post a meaningful comment about a poker room in our offer.

By meaningful we mean something that is informative and useful for other players. 

Now, going back to what we were talking before, you may be asking yourself if our deal is truly the best, and we encourage you to look around, if you can find better dealings, we will gladly attempt to match or cover it.

“How do you find the perfect room for me?”

Because we evaluate your needs and wants and come up with tailored recommendations. Remember that we are poker players, just like you and we know that the worst thing was to play on unreliable rooms.

So we make our mission to test the rooms in our offer, to look for all possible information on it before including it to our website.

We care about your opinion / poker career.

We do not work with scam nor unreliable networks. Everything here has been tested by us and we have a good feedback on before even consider dealing with it.

If anything seems shady in there, rest assured that we will inform you.

Remember that your satisfaction is what actually keep this business going, if you are unhappy with our services or with the rooms we offer you, we don’t make any money either.

Right now, the website is in English and Portuguese, but we are working on translating it to other 4 languages, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Spanish.

If you have any questions or if you want to negotiate with us or enjoy one of our offers, please talk to us.

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