8 Reasons Donkhunter Stands Above the Competition

There are many reasons why Donkhunter beats the competition, here we list 8 important ones that show how differently we operate from other poker affiliates.

8 Reasons Donkhunter Stands Above the Competition image

When it comes to choosing an affiliate program for yourself, there are plenty of choices out there. But only one of them can be the best for you. 

That is why Donkhunter works so hard to make sure that our players receive the best deals, the best support, and have the best time playing poker.

Let’s look at eight ways in which Donkhunter beats out the competition.

1 – Better Rakeback Deals...

Rakeback is the main dish when it comes to affiliate perks. Everything else is just dressing. 

That is why at Donkhunter the first priority is maximizing our offer for the Rakeback deals to our members. We use our customer base of over 1,500 players as leverage in the negotiation and come out with the best deals players can dream of, deals that can only come with economies of scale. That’s how we have been able to pay out over $4 million (and counting) to our players.

Not only that but if you think we’ve missed a trick and you find a better deal with any of our rooms, let us know through our contact form and we will do our best to match it every time.

2 – ...Faster...

New poker sites crop up all the time, and we make it our mission to reach out to them before any other affiliate program. 

When a new site goes live, we get in touch with them to negotiate the best possible affiliate program for our players as fast as possible. We then let our members know about the new sites so they can get involved ASAP. 

We, however, make sure to try the room ourselves, test it with our team, and gather information from the community before offering it on our website. We must know the room is safe and reliable before submitting it to our players, as safety is the most important factor when dealing with your money.

We take our mission to offer the best reliable rooms so seriously that if we notice anything worrisome about the room, our operation in the said room will be suspended and our players will be notified.

3 – ...at 80+ Rooms.

We have deals with over 80 poker rooms – and that number is always growing. These rooms are based all around the globe and range from markets as small as Italy to those as big as East Asia.

Our scale of operations allows us to offer the widest selection of rooms, deals, and customization to you. Somewhere in there is the ideal set of rooms for you and we will help you find it, whether you are a beginner poker player or a seasoned grinder.

4 – Deals Chosen Specially For You

One of the dangers of having such a large player base is forgetting that every poker player is an individual. This is why we balance our big picture thinking with tailor-made programs.

With so many rooms in so many places, the range of choices can be paralyzing for new players. To ensure you get the most out of our menu of poker sites, we will assist you in choosing the best rooms and deals that suit your own preferences.

Just use our contact form to wing us an email and a member of our team will reach out to you with a personalized list of recommended rooms.

5 – DonkCoins, DonkLotteries and DonkDeals

Donkcoin is our unique internal currency, pegged at a conversion rate of 100 Donkcoin to 1 USD. This is how your rewards show up in your account in the first instance. 

Donkcoin can be used in our shop to buy poker tools and other perks at massively discounted prices or to buy into our regular lottery – with prizes ranging from increased Rakeback deals to electronic gadgets and cash deposits of up to $2,500. This lottery is simply +EV as Donkhunter takes no fee for hosting it!

In addition to that, our monthly challenges offer a fun way to obtain extra rewards, precious Donkcoins to be used as you prefer on our website. Share your best stories with us, and get the fame and the coins!

Don’t worry, your Donkcoins are always redeemable for USD if you so wish. In fact, you may opt-out of the whole DC system if you only want your cash.  We will provide a USD transfer to one of our supported online wallets.

6 – ...A Simple Referral System That Puts Money In Your Pocket

The main way in which you earn Donkcoin is through Rakeback deals. But one of the next best ways to earn Donkcoins regularly is through our referral system. This gets your friends earning for you for as long as they play with our affiliates.

Every company knows that word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing, especially in the Brave New World of social media and going viral. That is why we have a simple, easy-to-use referral system that allows you to turn a friend-to-friend recommendation into Donkcoin.

Donkhunter Referral Earnings

Just email us on our contact form to get the details.

7 – Global access to Poker Rooms...

If a Poker Room opens in the North Pole, we may hire one of Santa’s elves to check it out. We bring you deals from all over the world, we help you access rooms unknown to most people. 

As long as it is good and safe, we will have it. Our team is spread all over the world to provide Global Access to Poker Rooms in every corner. 

Because nothing better than to have a local expert to guide us through the ins and outs of their region!

8 – ... Multilingual Support

Along with this World wide access, we also have the most people working for us, from China to Brazil, we provide support 24/7 in 6 different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Polish, and we are always looking to expand that further.

Combine the will to provide the best services, in-depth poker knowledge, local experts and multilingual support and you have a killer Customer Care team!

A Deal For All Seasons

These are just a few of the ways in which Donkhunter stands out from the competition: better rakeback and simple referrals are ways to increase your winnings! Play together with DonkHunter on poker tables all over the world and see the augmented by the opportunities provided by the Donkcoin economy: good deals at the shop,  great rewards on our lottery, challenges and referrals.

Join us now to increase your profit potential... and make poker great again.