Careers at DonkHunter

Donkhunter is a growing affiliate business with almost 6 years of market experience. We offer support to players in various aspects of the poker lifestyle and special deals to the poker community.

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Our object is to grow together with our players, providing them with valuable information about rooms and assisting them in negotiating better rakeback deals for themselves. You can say that we are a middleman fighting for your rights.

We have a multicultural team of former and current poker players that test poker rooms, negotiate deals, and scout for anything suspicious happening in our offered rooms.

Why us?

This is one of the biggest differentials we offer here, together with a powerful reward system, offering a broad spectrum of rewards to our players. To learn more about what makes us better than the competition, check out our article. In case you are new to this page, please take a look at this explanation on how we operate. 

Who are we looking for?

Over the past year, we have largely grown our operations and we are currently looking for individuals with a similar mindset to join our team. We have open positions for:

- Writers who are masters of words and enthusiastic about poker content.

- Brand Ambassadors / Influencers, people with a long-standing reputation in Poker and a qualified audience of poker players.

- Graphic Designers, able to bring the world to live with killer images

- Poker Streamers – Captivating audiences with poker live plays who might help us promote DonkHunter

- Poker enthusiasts – People who are truly passionate about poker and want to enter this industry. Required good knowledge of English as well as a foreign language.

Joining our team requires you to stay on your toes and be ready to take different tasks around our business. We look for cooperation.

What we offer is a multicultural workplace, quality remuneration, and the possibility to grow in the gambling business. By taking different tasks, you will see the gambling business as a whole and grow your skills in different aspects of the market.

We heavily favor candidates with a poker background. Since we provide services to the poker community, knowing the struggles and advantages of the field is a big plus in this job. While it is not mandatory, it will certainly make your resume shine in our eyes.

We extend our offers to the players to our contributors, so if you decide to work for us and continue to play poker, you can take part in our reward system and we will offer you premium deals for your efforts.

Our referral system

The reward system is also available for our contributors and you will receive monthly rewards for any player that came to us through your referral. To learn more about our referral system, check out our page.

How to apply?

Even if you are not a poker expert, but willing to learn, please apply. We strongly value motivation and willingness to grow and see determination as the key factor to success.

If you want to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject "Careers" or reach out to us on one of our communication methods.