GGPoker makes its way to the leadership in online poker

After the WSOP, the amazing rakeback promotion Fish Buffet and PokerStar's departure from the Asian Market, numbers show that GGPoker is quickly rising to the number 1 position in online poker.

GGPoker makes its way to the leadership in online poker  image

GGPoker makes its way to the leadership in online poker

GGPoker is quickly rising and aiming to take the number 1 spot in online poker, which currently belongs to PokerStars. After hosting the first online version of the WSOP and its massive success, it is time to analyse its numbers and the consistent increase in relevancy and player base on GG Poker. The following data comes from the website 

  • Rakeback 60%+
  • Deposit bonus $600

+ immense cashback
+ many monthly promotions
+ big traffic on all stakes
- no HUD
- lack of HU

According to Poker Scout, GGPoker started the year with around 2100 cash game players on a seven day average. Meanwhile, during the same period, Poker Stars reigned absolute with over four times that many players by the same metric (seven day average). Those numbers, however, do not include tournament players.

Now in September 2020, merely half a year later, GG Poker's number of cash players on a seven day average has almost doubled to 4000 while PokerStars' average dropped to 6600. All of this considering that GGPoker's WSOP has already wrapped up for a month while Poker Stars' WCOOP is still ongoing, which is expected to bring a boost in overall traffic to the site. If things keep going this way for both sites, GGPoker is bound to take the position of leader in online poker very soon.

How did GGPoker rose to face PokerStars?

It is well-known that PokerStars is a huge brand with many successful marketing campaigns and live tournaments in the past and an Italian PokerStars version as well.

A few factors however contribute to the exponential growth of its competition: first, as already mentioned, the resounding success of the WSOP tournament and all the aggressive marketing campaigns by GG Network. Secondly, promotions such as the amazing and ongoing Fish Buffet, which we have covered in this article here, a Rakeback program that offers advantages to all types of players. Poker Stars is very meager in this department, with its no Rakeback policy and not very valuable rewards and prizes. Third, PokerStars' withdrawal from the Asian market, which we have covered in this article here, let GG Poker reign free in this very profitable market full of weak and recreational players, perfect for those grinders tired of running into the same people over and over again in other rooms. Talking about grinders, another positive point for GGPoker is the software that appeals to both hardcore and professional players as well as being accessible and intuitive to casual players. 

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