Millionaire prize won at Winamax Jackpot for €1 buy-in

A player named "Bastuguee" has just won a €1 million jackpot prize in an Expresso poker table at Winamax poker. The game had a €1 buy-in and the odds of the event are astronomically low: one in ten million. Read the full article to know more.

Millionaire prize won at Winamax Jackpot for €1 buy-in image

Three months after Winamax announced a €1 million jackpot prize in an Expresso game with a €1 buy-in, the jackpot is won despite extremely low odds.

A million euro jackpot win was scored earlier this week on Winamax's Expresso game, an extremely unlikely occurrence with odds of one in ten million, by a player named "Bastuguee".

Winamax, a giant in French online poker, has completely revamped its Expresso format and increased the maximum jackpot reward from $50,000 to $1,000,000 for half of its buy-ins.

Even though the seven-figure jackpot award has been won before, this particular instance is the rarest of the rare because the jackpot was won in a game with a €1 buy-in.

Now there are nine Expresso events with seven-figure jackpot payouts in all, which is the biggest of any operator in the business.

The lowest price point currently provided by any operator is a €1 tournament, which has the cheapest buy-in with a €1 million jackpot. Other buy-ins that currently provide top rewards in the seven figures are €2, €5, €10, €25, and €50. Previously, only buy-ins of €100 or more were eligible for such top prize pools.

Along with 888poker, Winamax is one of just two operators offering a seven-figure jackpot reward on a €1 buy-in game. 

Players have a one in ten million chance of winning the top prize pool in the hyper-turbo lottery-style sit-and-go game, which included €800,000 for the first prize, €120,000 in second place, and €80,000 in third place.

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Winamax Poker is the largest French online poker room, even bigger than The very large amount of traffic provides a lot of action for games at every stake. Another attraction of Winamax Poker is the absurdly weak pool of French players. Winamax also gives you access to great bookmakers that are part of the same company.

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Author:  Charles F Jr is a poker and crypto enthusiast who writes about online poker since 2020, also a translator for Portuguese & Spanish.