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New rooms fresh from the oven, recently added to our offer! Take a look at our picks!

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The first choice every player has to take is what room to join. There are new rooms coming to the market all the time and keeping yourself updated can be challenging.

Every day here at Donkhunter we try to bring many options to choose from and this month was no difference. Check out our recently added rooms, they are quite diverse and we hope you can find something new to try and earn your chips!

Stay strong and check out our new offers:



+ 5Card Omaha games
+ good Omaha games
+ turkish level of games
- lack of HU
- rake no cap


Pokerbaz is tiny Poker Room, but it accepts bitcoins and it most of its player are fish.

We have a good feeling that this will become a great hunting ground for Donkhunter over time. It offers Texas Holdem and Omaha tables, including 5 card Omaha.

Some of you may remember the Turkish Klas Poker network, which is a great example of what may happen here in the future. The downside is no cap rake 3%. This sometimes creates bizarre situations when, for example, from a pot of $ 1000 we pay up to $ 30 rake. 

Finding action may prove difficult though and there is no action on micros.




  • Rakeback up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus 600$

+ asian market
+ weak players at all stakes
+ lots of promotions
- no HU
- no HUD


PokerOK is actually just another skin of Good Game Network. The good thing about PokerOK is that it has a good amount of traffic, so you can find games there at any time.

PokerOK is mainly focused on players from Russia and post-Soviet countries, but there are a lot of Asian players playing in this network, which makes the games more appealing.

Other skins for GG Network poker rooms are BestPoker , Snail Poker and Betkings, as well as Breakout Poker and 2bet4win, but these two were discontinued.






Panda Poker

Panda Poker STOPPED

+ a lot of fishy players
+ 7 and 9 handed tables
+ good traffic on Holdem tables
- only NL60+
- no HU


This just came into our offer, but it is probably the oldest and largest Chinese application. Panda Poker bellongs to 1PokerStars network, which haves other applications, such as Real Poker, PokerStars1 China and No1Poker. 

If you have already dealt with popular 'chinese apps', nothing will surprise you. The lobby is very similar to the rest of them. 

They have great traffic for Texas holdem, but the games start at NL60, so no micros.







Asia Poker

Asia Poker STOPPED

+ low level games
+ Pineapple available
+ nice traffic on low/mid
- no HU
- PLO doesnt exisst


Asia Poker has a cool logo that reminds me of Overcooked. If you never played Overcooked, buy it, get your girlfriend and enjoy your 40h of fun. Now, back to Asia Poker, it’s a teeny tiny room from China.

What actually can be a good thing, as you know those rooms are less populate by sharks and full of those Chinese player with questionable strategy.

Enjoy it while you can, because as soon as good regular players jump on it (sweeping away brave Chinese from the face of the earth), it will disappear from the poker floor as fast as it has been in the history of Chinese applications several times already .







NeverLosePoker STOPPED

+ Heads-up games
+ mainly weak Koreans
+ Short Deck tables
- no HUD
- low traffic


Oh Lord this room… makes me question whether players from Korea and China ever learned to hit the fold button…

In all honesty, this is one of those great rooms where people don’t know what they are doing and are calling bluffs left and right.

The room has good traffic though, especially on micros, and you can find Omaha games as well.  High stakes players, however, may find it hard to get action here.










+ Holdem at many rates
+ 3 accounts for one device
+ very high percentage of weak players
- no HU
- no Omaha


Yay, another Chinese app! Yeah, PokerTime is a new one with a looooot of potential to grow strong. The traffic here is ok but it’s all Texas holdem and there is no HU. 

Starting the adventure with PokerTime, as with any of the Chinese bushes, we will meet a very polarized range of opponents at the showdown.

When compared to most Asian poker applications, there's one thing that stands out on PokerTime: players can create accounts and process deposits and withdrawals by themselves. 









+ OFC games
+ asian level of games
+ MTT available
- low traffic
- additional fees


This is such a funny name, Pokio. To be honest, reminds me of Pokermon. Anyway, Pokio is a great initiative and just recently available to the world. Actually, we helped making it happen!

The room is quite low traffic at the moment, but it is developing very efficiently by focusing on aggressive marketing.

We believe Pokio will be a big room given enough time. With a smile on our face, we will follow the progress made by more Asians wanting to conquer the global poker market!








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