Poker News Summary in May

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How's Online Poker Fairing during Coronavirus Pandemic?

The betting business, like other businesses, has felt the heat of coronavirus with most casinos across the world closing shop. However, this has seen tremendous growth in online poker. Online Poker entities have significantly cashed in on the pandemic, recording incredible profits. An entity such as Stars Group in Canada made a whopping $735 million between January and March of this year.


Online Poker Saves the Day!

In Covid-19 pandemic has dished out a hefty blow to betting operators. Live betting entities and casinos have had to close shop, but those entities with online poker have something to smile about. Online poker has been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. According to Evenbet's CEO, Dmitry Starostenkov, online poker is a lifesaver for betting entities. 

How will Online Poker Fair Post-COVID-19 Lockdown

It is clear as day that online poker entities are smiling their ways to the banks; they have significantly cashed in on the pandemic. Most people in the lockdown are bored and have consequently turned to available online gambling; hence, the increased numbers. This increase will not be the case after lockdown. Furthermore, the expected negative financial repercussions of the pandemic might not support gambling. 


PartyPoker STOPPED
  • Rakeback up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus 30$

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- No HUD since June 2019
- no HU on microstakes

Partypoker Smacks Fraudulent Accounts!

The rapid increase in online poker has consequently heightened cases of cheating. However, poker rooms are on guard and relentless in a bid to beat this. Over the past 18 months, Partypoker has closed over 1000 accounts on account of cheating. In their recent report, 253 cheater accounts were disposed and around $ 350,000 impounded and credited to the conned players.


PartyPoker's Club Games

Party Poker has an exciting endeavor in Club Games. Players can set up private play clubs, set up a member administrator who will moderate the group, and gain bragging rights over friends. Club games allow cash games only but with multiple stakes. Even better, creators stand a chance to earn up to 40% cashback whenever they participate.


Veteran Online Poker Players Cashes in On Coronavirus

The Coronavirus lockdown has caused an increase in traffic to online betting sites, and poker is no exception. Online Poker rooms have recorded incredibly huge traffics, and veteran players seem to be flourishing on this engagement. The huge traffics are racking in more stakes and more inexperienced players, making it easy for pros to win. GGPoker, for instance, had to boost up their $ 1.24 m price to $ 4m in their online poker tournament on account of increased players, a whopping 3,662 to be precise.


World Series of Poker Championship Called off till 13th September.

Like many other Poker engagements, the World Series Poker Championship has felt the heat. Due to Covid-19, the event has been pushed till 13th September and will occur online. The event which comes with several awards, a WSOP golden bracelet and a $1m prize pool, was scheduled to run between August 11th and 13th in North Carolina. You can check more about WSOP on the article What about the world series of poker 2020.


  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus 600$
PokerStars Exits the Cyprus Scene

According to several Cypriot and Greek poker outlets, PokerStars, a giant online poker entity, has called it quits in Cyprus. It is alleged that Cypriot players have been locked out from participating in the platform's games and tournaments. The entity's exit is attributed to several reasons; licensing issues, change of ownership, and Greece players' tax evasion endeavor that entailed registry of Cypriot accounts.




"Dan Cates is a Cheater," Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has tied professional poker player Dan Cates to the recent Bill Perkins twitter rhetoric. Sometime back, Bill claimed on twitter that he had been conned in a high-stake mobile app game, an unfortunate case that involved a high profile professional player. Bilzerian then accused Dan Cates of having been the cheat playing through Sina Taleb's account, a little known name in the world of poker.