The New GGMasters - daily tournaments for 8 a week and over $1.8 million prize pool

After its exploding popularity and great performance, the GGMasters tournament which debuted in Janurary 2020 will now be held daily, with $25 buy-ins and $50 thousand guaranteed prize pool from Monday to Saturday, the already known $150 buy-in Sunday tournament with $500 thousand guarantee and a new High Roller's Edition of $1000 buy-in and $1 million guarantee prize, for a total of $1.9 million guarantee every week.

The New GGMasters - daily tournaments for 8 a week and over $1.8 million prize pool image

The New GGMasters - daily tournaments for 8 a week and over $1.8 million prize pool

After the phenomenal success of GG Poker's WSOP 2020 Online Series, now the flagship GGMasters tournament brand is expanded and runs every day of the week, for a total of over $1.8 million guarantee in a week. GG Masters is a signature freezeout (no re-entry) tournament that debuted in January 2020. It takes place every Sunday for a buy-in of $150. It has been an astounding success and it has grown from $250 to $500 thousand guaranteed prize in only three months.

  • Rakeback Up to 100%
  • Deposit bonus $600

+ immense cashback
+ many monthly promotions
+ big traffic on all stakes
- no HUD
- lack of HU

Now, by popular demand, GGPoker upgraded the tournament and starting today there will be daily and with buy-ins of only $25 from Monday to Saturday, with a large prize pool of $50 thousand each day. The Sunday $150 buy-in is still the same but with the new High Rollers edition there's an unprecedented $1 million guaranteed prize for a $1000 buy-in. 

All of them count for the GGMasters Player of the Year Leaderbord, giving the players POY points, with the players of the High Rollers edition having a big advantage. Also, there are extra points awarded to the first place (x2 points), those who make it to the final table (x1.5 points) and even to the player that bubbles the tournament (x0.5 points). The points for the Player of The Year prize are accumulated throughout the year and, according to the official GGPoker's website, the total prize is valued at $500 thousand distributed among the top 10 ranked players and also an offer for the number 1 player to become an ambassador for the brand.

Adding it all up, this ambitious and daring new edition of GGMasters by GG Poker totals 8 tournaments a week and a total of at least $1.9 million prize pool every week. This daring undertaking was likely made possible due to the popularity of the GG WSOP series that gave the operators the momentum and confidence to keep expanding the already fastly growing GG Masters tournament. GGPoker now has the claim to the title of biggest online poker tournament run in a weekly format. In total, the GG Masters tournament has already had 35 runs with a total over $17 million prize.

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