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Poker Rooms

Chico Poker Network
  • Rakeback VIP System
  • Deposit bonus 1000$

+ action on HS
+ many promotions
+ the vast majority of players from America
- no HU tables
- HUD with converter
  • Rakeback Contact us
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ good place for bumhunters
+ low level of games
+ games against Italian players
- games only via web-browser
- low traffic

  • Rakeback Up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus Up to $1000

+ big traffic on all stakes
+ big and well known poker network
+ a lot of big MTTs
- no HUD support
- PVI rake structure
- high rake

  • Rakeback Up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus $600

+ immense cashback
+ many monthly promotions
+ big traffic on all stakes
- no HUD
- lack of HU

Titan Poker
  • Rakeback 60%
  • Deposit bonus €1500

+ trackers work
+ good traffic
+ great software Playtech
- no waiting list
- speed poker only on nl20

Ya Poker
  • Rakeback Up to 60%
  • Deposit bonus $1000

+ lot of FR tables
+ very big traffic
+ WPN for South American
- HU only on Blitz
- regular players

Snail Poker
  • Rakeback up to 40%
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ traffic at many stakes
+ All-In or Fold tables
+ good rakeback
- no HUD
- no HU tables

Poxi Poker
  • Rakeback Contact us
  • Deposit bonus N/A

+ high rakeback
+ Israeli players
+ a lot of freerols MTT
- lack of HUD
- low traffic


TableScan Turbo poker tool image

TableScan Turbo

TableScan Turbo is a professional table selection software for professional online poker players. It scans all tables in your poker client for the stakes you select. It can download player statistics from Holdem Manager, PokerTracker or the PokerStrategy Elephant database and displays them in an easily readable format - allowing you to quickly find the best tables with the weakest opponents.
Hand2Note poker tool image


Hand2Note is a poker software to analyze your game and display real-time statistics, similarly to PokerTracker or Holdem Manager. H2N displays different statistics for different players, adjusts HUD and/or PopUps based on position or stack size, create professional notes and more.
GT-HUD poker tool image


GT-HUD is a professional collection of HUDs and POPUPs, created especially for poker players based on their recommendations and wishes. It contains a rich collection of dynamic and positional HUDs for CASH, MTT, SNG, Spin & Go and Head's-up games.
Coin Poker Converter poker tool image

Coin Poker Converter

Coin Poker Converter is a flexible and easy to use tool for automatic conversion of played poker hands to formats which are natively supported by the popular poker trackers: Holdem Manager, PokerTracker and Hand2Note. Coin Poker Converter automatically finds tables and adds HUDs.
ProPokerHUDs poker tool image

ProPokerHUDs was created thanks to the cooperation between a team of professional poker players and programming experts whose task was to create the most innovative and effective HUD solutions in poker. They offer a wide range of poker software, built for players of all levels - static and dynamic HUD, statistical packages and heat maps with hand ranges.
Klas Poker Converter poker tool image

Klas Poker Converter

Klas Poker Converter is a tool that allows a poker player to import their hands to Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, Hand2Note and run their HUD online at the tables.
Poker Master Converter poker tool image

Poker Master Converter

Poker Master Converter is a tool that allows the poker player to import their hands from Poker Masters to Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, Hand2Note and run their HUD at the tables.
Tilt Breaker poker tool image

Tilt Breaker

Tilt Breaker helps you manage yourself at a professional level in simple and effective way. Thanks to Tilt Breaker, we can eliminate as many cases of bad volume and bad habits as possible, minimizing the impact of variance in our winrate. Downswings are inevitable, but how you deal with downswings can be the difference between a break even player and a long-term winner.